13 May 2018


1.   Google is trying to get me involved with all sorts. Conversation with man/photo, known as Google Hangouts.  Apparently to stop this happening again I have to cancel it on Google Profile which is…. where?

2.   I have frequent conversations with Charlie but he never answers back. Can I take it that a loving nuzzle is a replacement for ‘yes’?

3.   Having lived through WW2 is it reasonable to feel scared at the way our politicians are behaving?

4.   Never call a cat ‘Marmalade’. A neighbour once had a ginger tom, a cat who loved being out at night. Neighbour used to go out and call him no matter what time it was. Marmalade! Marmalade! Her voice would shriek through the dark which either annoyed or amused her neighbours.

5.   And now, in keeping with the current breakdown trend, the bottom part of my double oven has packed up. Next….

6.   Next is good… £10 refund on a grocery order because one item wasn’t right. The refund was more than the original cost. Also found two incorrect items because there wasn’t time to check whilst delivery guy was there. Sent email. Reply stated that the driver hadn’t enough time so they were going to increase it by adding extra seconds! I shall definitely continue shopping at that store.

7.   When I was a young girl my aunt religiously taught me the names of flowers but now I’ve grown old I can’t remember them.

8.   Got thanked by refuse collectors for stacking unwanted cardboard in a way that made their job easier.

9.   The bottom half of the double electric cooker has given up the ghost. To join in the fun the large freezer is bleeping at me, which indicates old age. Mustn’t grumble. Decision, buy smaller one. Anyway, the tall one costs too much since it only has to freeze a few things. We bought it around 25 years ago which proves it was a good buy. Good buy or not, I am still going to say goodbye to it.

10. That’s all… it’s respite time!


  1. Valerie, I know what you mean about #1 because Google is doing the same to me. And not only through my computer, but also my smartphone. I hate how they are constantly in your business trying to get you to either open an account with all their apps, or trying to make you consolidate your apps into ONE.

    Wonderful about your grocery order and their correction! Several times I have found errors on my receipt after leaving the grocery store, and had to go back because they overcharged me. And one one time they overcharged me on TWO items. They did correct the errors, but it was just a pain to walk back to the store after I was almost halfway home. So now, I check my receipts immediately before leaving the store

    "Can I take it that a loving nuzzle is a replacement for ‘yes’?"

    Yes! And don't you just love cats?

    Have a lovely Sunday, my friend. And Happy Mother's Day to you!


  2. Hi Rob.It is almost reassuring to know that I'm not the only one being picked on. I sometimes think Google is under the impression we can't find our way around the Net. About the grocery order, mine is delivered to the house so I don't have to go far to correct things. It is still frustrating though. Thanks for the MD greeting, ours was two weeks ago so I get lucky in having two days to celebrate. Hope you have a good week.

  3. I often have conversations with our cat and terrier. Good on you for making the refuse collectors job easier and I totally agree that today's politicians are going down the road of history repeating itself. All good food for thought points.

    1. Dave, I believe that if we are helpful to people who do jobs for us it will make their job easier as well as building confidence.


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