11 June 2012

Monday Mirth

Some more of Stewart Francis

And to finish, this is a copy of a birthday card, an appropriate one considering I am a WI member. Be sure to take note of all the signs on each table! 

Now you know why I joined the WI!


  1. ha i know which table i will be at...smiles...thanks for the chuckles this morning they are surely needed...

  2. The video was indeed funny, but it was the card that made me "Laugh Out Loud"

  3. LOL I wonder why there are so many people around that one particular table? ;)

  4. Hi Pearl, isn't it a hoot. I've had the card for ages and it still makes me smile.

    Brian, it's going to get mighty crowded round that table... smiles.

  5. Another faaaaaaabulous Monday Mirth, Valerie!

    Hilarious video clip! What a FUNNY guy he is! And so admire stand-up comedians because it's very hard to stand up there alone and be funny.

    LOVED the card!!!

    OMG....that CRACKED ME UP! And that's the table I'd be at for sure - tee, hee!

    Thanks for sharing the great morning laughs, dear lady.

    Happy Monday......X

  6. Hi Ron, I guess comedians only do well if they have an appreciative audience.

    Haha we could all have a meeting round the last table. What fun.

  7. LOVE the card! I always get uplifted when I visit your blog.

  8. Thanks, Val! Being sick today, I needed that laugh. :-)

  9. Fabulous card...
    thanks for making Monday merry.!

  10. *laughing!!*

    Small wonder they have all the business! Small wonder you're such an avid member. ;-)


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