23 January 2016



Yes, my husband passed away on the 8th day after moving to a hospice. He is no longer in pain and for that I am grateful. Watching him suffer was awful. I coped, after a fashion, but only because daughter, Rosanne, was there with me. She arrived back in the UK just in time. Another day and it would have been too late. The funeral will be on 3rd February so I have plenty of time to pray to the good Lord and ask him to take care of my man's soul. 

Today I received some thoughts from Rosanne's husband in Australia. I would like to share them with you. His words will be included in the Order of Service on the day of the funeral. I just know everyone will smile when they read them and maybe, like me, they will shed a few tears. 

Everyone loved my Joe and they are now telling me how much. Yes, he was a great guy and I am so pleased I spent the last 38 years with him. 


Joe’s visits to Australia

I remember ...

My son, Hadley, coming in and shouting “You have to come outside and see Joe.”
Not knowing what to expect I ran outside and watched Joe balancing the soccer ball on his foot and doing other tricks. Enjoyment for me and my boys

Arriving home from work and Joe asking if I wanted a drink. I’m thinking beer or cordial but learnt fairly quickly when he came back with a cup of tea. Priceless!

Taking him to our famous steam engine Puffing Billy for a trip around the Dandenongs with Rosanne and my sons. Two days later I got home from work and asked Joe “what did you do today” he responded I went to Puffing Billy again. I realised his love for Steam Engine Trains was real.

At Mini railway in Eltham, he was like a kid in a candy shop especially when he was invited into the workshop.

Everything for Joe was “Brill”

Rosanne and I took him to a friend’s place on a 40 acre property, 3 hours outside Melbourne. When it was dark I took him at the front of the property to look at the stars where there was no artificial light around. The look on his face when he looked up nearly bought a tear to my eye. It was a beautiful moment for both of us. We felt that we could reach up and touch the myriad of stars up in the sky. Moment was confirmed in Joe’s log as his favourite moment on that year’s trip to OZ.

Visiting an upmarket Hotel at Southbank with Joe and Rosanne. The Menu had a great range to pick from. Without missing a beat Joe asked for fish and chips which gave me a chuckle because that’s all he ever ordered whenever we went out.

Joe walked our dog Bonnie every day and they became best mates. When he would go back to the UK I would occasionally take her for a walk around the block and be stopped by people recognising Bonnie who would ask me “How’s Joe”. He spent approx. 4 Months in 3 trips to Ferny Creek and because of his pleasant nature more people knew him than me. That doesn’t mean I am a miserable Git, it just means Joe walked Bonnie more than I did and probably closer to the truth he would talk to anyone.

There are many more stories of the time he came to Australia but his life was full and this was a small part.

Loved by his family and respected and loved by my immediate family as well.

Great man and I will miss him and the banter we would have about the soccer. Take your place in heaven, Joe. A giant amongst men and you are the true meaning of a gentleman. Love you to the day I die (hopefully long way to go for me).

05 January 2016

The reason why there are gaps in posts

Some will have guessed why I have been absent so for those who don't know I have to tell you that my Joe was admitted to hospital two days before Christmas. It was our wedding anniversary but he didn't realise that. Poor lad didn't have much of a Christmas but then neither did his family and friends. We were all very tearful. 
The thing is, the cancer has spread which has brought about many side effects that are equally severe. He was in awful pain and still is but painkillers do their best to ease things for him. The worst news is that nothing can be done. Head consultants have had to admit that they have done all they can and now it is up to the Lord. 
I am at the hospital every day where he has a huge audience of nurses and doctors - all of whom seem to love him. I too have been honoured with free dinners and umpteen cups of tea... and some people moan about hospital treatment! Actually I have done better than Joe because he has no appetite and refuses liquid most of the time. This is worrying because he needs fluids but what can you do when lips are locked? Fortunately there are such things as saline drips!
Family and friends are wonderful, and surprisingly Joe's clients (he audits their accounts, or rather he did!) have rallied round. Some have visited the hospital and others phone regularly to check on his condition. 
Joe is Roman Catholic and the priest visits nearly every day. Last rites were given early because the Priest thought it better not to wait. Today he received last sacraments which I found very moving. It is awfully difficult to stem the emotion at such times but somehow I manage it. Daughter Rosanne says I am a strong person. Am I? It doesn't feel like it, that's for sure. 
I hope the news doesn't upset anyone, but I had to explain my absence and give a reason for future gaps in posts. I love you all. God bless.