23 July 2020


Hello folks, I have some bad news for you, at least I think it is bad news. I am quitting. Yes, you read that right. Thing is, I am  too old for this game or any other game and it is all down to age and degeneration. I cannot describe how I feel but a few hundred handkerchiefs might help.

Seriously, I have blogged for many, many years and enjoyed it all. Mainly, though, I have enjoyed the company of you lovely people and I thank you for being there for me. I will put the books away and forget that once upon a time I wrote stories and books. 

I made special friends, many of whom shared laughs from way back, dare I say before blogging was invented, or maybe it was merely being thought about. To those people I send my love and thanks for everything. To more recent blogging friends I wish you everything you wish yourself. Keep blogging and ENJOY. 


  1. I am close to hanging it up myself. Enjoy your post blogging life, you will be missed.

    1. Perhaps there should be an age limit...but you and I have made good progress in this field.


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