08 July 2020


1. Why did it take me so long to sort out what goes where, when and why? I am talking about posting stuff on line, but I guess you knew that ... wink.

2. I used to be a dab hand at publishing but I at my vast age I forget stuff too easily. 

3, Give in, says brain, Why should I, says I? 

4. Well I gave up on the story after several attempts. Stick to what you know, says the brain.Well, he can talk, he doesn't know much himself.

5. It is celebration day, in two or three hours the phone will ring and I will dash to talk to my stepdaughter in Oz. I'm only writing this to keep from dancing with joy. 

6. Charlie the cat is fast asleep on MY chair. He thinks he owns everything in this house.

7. My typing is getting worse. Gone are the days when I could almost do everything blindfolded.  Good job I can still find my I think!

8. I need to cheer up, 

9, Just did a jig round my sleeping cat. His one eye protest put me in my place. Usually, he reprimands me with two eyes. I reckon he's the new lazy, even I could do better. 

10. Ah yes TEN. That means this rubbish is at an end. 

Enjoy, folks.


  1. "Charlie the cat is fast asleep on MY chair. He thinks he owns everything in this house."

    HA! Aren't cats funny? They make every place "their" domain. And I love how they pick a different spot to sleep every few weeks.

    Oh, I can hear the excitement in your voice about getting the call from your stepdaughter in Oz. Enjoy!

    Have a grrrreat rest of your week, my friend!

    X to you and Charlie

  2. A chat on the phone can be so enjoying! Even though my daughter and her family only live a few minutes from us, we must be mindful of virus concerns and currently only get together outside for visits. Our phone calls are often though, and sometimes we chat via FaceTime.
    Charlie is adorable... and he does own everything... like all the other kitties of the world do. haha

  3. Hi Valerie. It's great to talk to people you don't see very often.

  4. I can fully identify with your typing woes. I used to be a great typist, but lately I fumble while trying to type with two fingers.

    Cats are notorious for claiming our chairs (and also our beds). My bed gets extremely crowded with two large cats sprawled on it, and I often find very little room to sleep.

    I hope you have an enjoyable chat with your stepdaughter.

  5. I hope you enjoyed the call with your step daughter.

    Of course Charlie owns everything in your house, you are lucky he allows you to sit on HIS chair some of the time.

  6. Hi Valerie, looking forward to a phone chat is something enjoyable as a long-time friend and I connected this way a day ago. And, we managed to talk for well over an hour from NJ to NH. Yes, cats only allow humans to think they are their caretakers, when in reality it might be the other way around. Charlie sounds like a wonderful companion. As for typing mistakers, who doesn't make them?

  7. I hope the call went well, Val. Take care of yourself and give my best to Charlie.

  8. I hope your phone call made you happy :) I get to see my Mom twice a week and also call her twice a week, and she lives in town, ha. Guess she can't get too lonely.

  9. 1. I wonder the same thing at times :)

    2. At least you keep trying, big thumb’s up from me :)

    3. Great attitude, keep going says I :)

    4. We sometimes have great conversations with our brain don’t we?

    5. How wonderful! Enjoy :)

    6. Our four-legged furry family members usually do :)

    7. My issue is typos. I can read something a dozen times and I still find mistakes that have to be corrected, usually after I have published ;)

    8. Just look in the mirror and smile to yourself, tell yourself how much happiness you bring to us in blogland, and keep smiling :)

    9. He sounds like such a darling

    10. Ah well, there’s always the next one to look forward to, and I enjoy these very much. Thank you Valerie :)

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