01 October 2013


A week ago my Joe entered a nuclear bunker... at least that’s what he calls it. For those who don’t know, and I was one who didn’t,  a nuclear medicine bone scan shows the effects of injury or disease (such as cancer) or infection on the bones. It starts with an injection and the scan is done three hours later. In that waiting time Joe was warned not to go near children or pregnant women (nothing was said about wives!), to urinate backwards (for a man), to flush the toilet twice after use, and to drink plenty of water. Apparently his insides would light up so the scan could see what was what, or wasn’t as the case may be.

On Friday he went in hospital in readiness for a small operation on Saturday. This was a procedure designed to give the kidney a rest! An overnight stay, they said, but he's still there because the docs are not satisfied that the op was a success. He's in the best place if they're right. We can't fault (not that we've tried) our National Health Service, the doctors and nurses have been on the ball from the start - and rapidly. I hope they're the same with me when I collapse with exhaustion through travelling!

Parking at the hospital is horrendous. I’ve got into the habit of leaving the house a couple of hours early in order to get a parking space when I got there. Visiting times are staggered, some wards have it early, some later, a practice which I believe was instrumented by the parking problem. It’s a massive car park and drivers have to drive up, down and round in an attempt to find a slot. I don’t know what they do if they can’t. There’s no chance of parking outside the complex since, in fairness to local residents, this is prohibited. I now know why there are so many taxis around there. They don’t have to pay merely to drive onto the car park, whereas it costs a fortune for private cars to be left there. Taking into account the price of fuel it probably makes sense to go by taxi.

I have to say I got very tired with the journeys to and from hospital, which happens NOT to be our local one, so it made sense to reorganise not only our lives but the household arrangements too. Therefore, being sensible folk, we have taken on board the fact that help is needed around the house. Mel, I’m sure, will be pleased to hear that. The elderly couple across the road have ‘a lady that does’ so I asked if she would ‘do’ for me. Thankfully she said yes so at least the heaviest housework tasks get done ... and not a back pain to be felt as far as I’m concerned. Her name is Paola and she is half Italian. Before she came I spent time dusting in case it frightened her away. Isn’t that a hoot? It wasn’t just me, though, Joe tidied up his office before she came. I know it’s a standing joke in most families about the big tidy up occurring before the cleaning lady starts work.

Another way of saving time and energy was to order the weekly shopping on line. Now, why I didn’t do that sooner is beyond me. It gives me great satisfaction to be greeted by a polite driver who not only carries the stuff into the house but unpacks it as well. Mind you, there’s a motive there... he wants the bags for recycling.

Has anyone ever grown a lemon tree from seed? Out of curiosity I let a few pips drop into some old compost left over from a dying cactus. I now have these healthy looking young plants (see picture) and I’m wondering what to do with them. Our climate is hardly warm enough for lemon trees. The question is will I have room for them when they grow. I once grew an orange tree and it flowered and bore fruit that was sour as sour could be but it was lovely to look at.  

It’s disappointing that for the first time in years I shall miss the WI Federation’s Annual Council Meeting. It’s a lovely event and it is always good to meet up with all my old friends. When I was in the chair I thoroughly enjoyed it and, like all past chairmen, we like to keep in touch. Oh well, maybe next year!

Some of you may remember me posting an item about our sexy dunnocks, the ones who ‘perform’ on our patio, right by the window. I learn such a lot from watching birds!! Well it’s different this year. I haven’t seen the dunnocks but I have seen this 

The insects were seen on the porch window, and there were two more at the back of the house. Seems to me they do it on windows as a form of education for humans.

To end this post here’s a few more pictures, one of a greedy crow together with a back view showing some abnormal white feathers, and the third is a jay who did nothing to warrant a photograph but who was just there!


  1. wowo cool shot of the get your rest along the way...the back and forth will surely wear you out...if parking is like it is at ours you will get a bit of walking in as well as it always seems full...

    as always good to see you v...

  2. Nice shots of the birds! I have taken my feeders down for the time not getting many visitors. I do hope all goes well with your hubby. I'm sure this is a very stressful time for you both, and I'm thinking of you.

  3. Oh yes, I'm pleased as punch to hear that you're getting some help for YOU. This isn't a fun/easy time--and it piles on a whole lot of responsibilities ..... on your shoulders, cuz Joe will be limited and you'll be stretched to your limits in all the demands. I'm relieved to hear you got some things ticked off that list of things to do by yourself. Let 'em!
    And I'm gonna stay hopeful and pray for Joe, for you and for the physician's treating him.
    Yup--he's a glow in the dark kinda guy. LOL But he's your guy and he's doing the best he can, as are you.

    Had to laugh about straightening and dusting prior to the help arriving--but I DO understand it. ;-)
    Thinking about the two of you and sending prayers.
    You keep taking care of you, eh!

  4. I am very far behind in blog reading. I need to catch up to find out what is happening with Joe. It sounds very stressful for you. Take of yourself as well.

  5. "(nothing was said about wives!)"

    HA! Valerie, you are TOO funny!

    Yes, I've heard of this procedure before and know that the patient has to be very careful because of the radiation.

    "Therefore, being sensible folk, we have taken on board the fact that help is needed around the house."

    Good for you because you've been so busy lately. My mother and brother did the same thing last year, when my mother got ill. And it's funny you mentioned about "tidying up before they got there" because my mother did the same thing. She said, "I can't let them see my house a mess." HA!

    When I lived in Florida, my family had a lemon tree in our backyard, but it was already there when we moved in. I will tell you though, that lemon trees grow and bear fruit fast. We had TONS of lemons all the time.

    " our sexy dunnocks, the ones who ‘perform’ on our patio."

    HAHAHAHAHAHA! Hilarious!!!

    Great shots of the birds. I love crows, but yes, they can be very greedy (kind of like squirrels). But oh...I love them.

    Thanks for your Tuesday Titbits, dear lady. It was wonderful to catch up with you.

    Know that you and Joe are in my thoughts...

    ((((((( You & Joe )))))))


  6. Sounds like an exhausting time recently but I guess that's to be expected. By the way, love that sketch of your hubby on the sidebar.

    That's so cool about the lemon seeds. I DID grow a pineapple plant once from the head of a pineapple and it was nice especially because it was from a pineapple that my dear grandma brought back from Hawaii. Those were the good old days of running on to planes at the last minute and bringing pineapples back for the family LOL.

    Take care and here's to a better week with some good news to come.

  7. Hospital visiting is horrendously tiring I know from experience. Don't get me started on hospital parking - the very fact that they charge for parking gets me worked up into a lather to start with - it's disgusting!

    Hope Joe is doing OK. x

  8. Am I the only one who is questioning how a man urinates backwards? HUH? Does this means he SITS and pees? Does this mean he STANDS and faces the WALL and TRIES to AIM at the toilet even though his BACK is to the toilet? Inquiring minds want to know!! I remember a sign I saw in a bathroom once: We AIM to please. YOUR AIM will help! LOL!

    Great idea to get help in for household chores AND groceries. You don't need to get run down; you need to be strong for when Joe gets home!

    I'm still praying for him!

  9. Good luck with the results of Joe's scan and also with the parking. It's the same here too - expensive and difficult. We went there today to register L as a bona fide alien??? Funny, huh? None of us appreciate our health until it leaves us, do we!

  10. I'm happy to hear that you're getting a bit of help during this trying time! Having recently had my father in the hospital for an extended stay I know how difficult this time can be, both physically and emotionally. It's also great to see you getting out a bit and grabbing a few new pictures. Let me tell ya, they're always a blast to see!

    Here's best wishes for you, and will be keeping a close eye on your blog for updates! :-)

    Oh, and Tyler just walked into the room, pointed at your picture and said "Big Bird!" Crazy kid...

  11. Brian, yes I did feel tired with all the driving. I had the AC on my face to keep me alert. The long corridors are beyond belief!

    Mona, thank you so much for your thoughts.

    Mel, I knew you'd be pleased with me. I also knew you would laugh about the dusting! Thanks a lot for your prayers, my friend.

    Rae, I promise to take care of myself as well.

  12. Good morning, Ron, happy birthday.

    Haha I guessed you would pick up on the 'what about wives' bit.

    We women are obviously all made the same... they tell me doing a spot of dusting before the cleaner comes is a matter of pride!

    Thank you so much for your kind thoughts.

  13. Geraldine, I like the sketch as well. John Bain is a good artist.

    I'm wondering - how big was the pineapple plant?

    Thank you so much for your good wishes.

  14. Pearl, okay I won't get you started about hospital parking. Agree, it is appalling.

    Pat, you were the only one questioning...grins. Thank you so much for your prayers.

    Star, you're right... we do take our health for granted. I smiled over your remark about L being a bona fide alien!

  15. Herman, You're right on the physical and emotional bit. You don't realise how much energy we use at times like this. Thank you so much for your kind thoughts and moral support.

    Loved it that Tyler spotted the big bird. My garden is a great place for snapping birds when they come in for food.

  16. Val, the pineapple leaves got quite big, grew to about a foot high. No pineapple of course but I loved having the plant (and for a long time) as it was a link to my grandma who lived in Manitoba, one province over from where I lived then.

    Mr. Cheddar liked your comment! ;>)

  17. What a busy life, almost grueling! So glad for the tips on how you are dealing with all of it. Wishing all the best and praying for you and your hubby.

    Have never grown a lemon from a seed! Should be interesting to hear followups.

  18. I wish you both the very best & shall remember you and Joe in my meditations.

  19. Praying everything goes well for dear hubby. I have 5 more treatments to go on my Radiation...will be so glad when its over. Parking isn't to bad here, thank Goodness! Take care.

  20. Herons Nest, thank you so much for your kind words and thoughts.

    Loretta, how wonderful to see you here. I can well imagine how much you're looking forward to ending the radiation treatment. We've got a whole new world to face but you set an example to us. Bless you.

  21. All of those trips to the hospital must be so tiring to you and your husband. I do hope you two are able to stay positive, despite everything. I wish you a relaxing weekend.

  22. Thanks for the update, Val. Hope everything goes well for Joe and he gets to come home soon. Don't forget to take care of yourself as well. Thinking of you and sending positive thoughts.

  23. Hi Mersad. Thank you, we are reasonably positive about things ... it's the only way to be, really. Wishing you a good weekend.

  24. I hope everything goes go for Joe. I am not sure which I would hate more the ride to the hospital or being at the hospital. I do not like going to hospitals even when visiting friends and family.

  25. Thank you Valerie for your kind words, much appreciated. These hospital visits you describe were frequent occurrences for us plus the parking problems as well. I hope all goes well for Joe.

    My best wishes ~ Eddie

  26. Oh, Valerie. Do take care of yourself. You must be exhausted. My prayers are for you and your husband. Keep us posted.

    Great bird shots. Photography is a great way for you to relieve your stress right now. are very good at it.

  27. Hi Pam. Thanks for your lovely comment. Much appreciated. As for photography, your remark did me good since I still feel somewhat of a novice as a photographer.

  28. My brother-in-law was due to have a bone scan (nuclear as well) yesterday. I don't know what they are looking for, issues from injury or cancer, but I guess it's good to know that a lot can be seen.
    It can't be much fun to deal with the parking situation at the hospital. Oh, but good for you that you've brought in some help. Funny about the tidying up beforehand. I used to clean for a couple of ladies many years ago and I said the same thing... their houses were too clean to have a cleaning girl come in. haha

  29. Mary, grinning about the cleaner, we must all be the same then! Hope your brother in law wasn't suffering too much.


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