27 May 2020


Oh WOW! Yes, it's me and oh boy am I glad to be back on line. Two weeks without contact on-line, two weeks without something to do to while away the time, two weeks without pals to talk to. Mind you I was just getting used to doing nothing but housework when out of the blue a guy turns up to sort things out on the computer. Whoops, that's not right, it wasn't the computer at fault, it was the broadband thingy that had gone totally haywire. Whatever it was, it almost flummoxed the engineer who came to put things right. The best part, though, was not having to fork out for repairs. 

So how are you all? I hope you have survived all the worldly upsets. I'm not happy that my stepdaughter is confined to her own country but I guess she's better off staying where she is than travelling the world. I have't seen my son but he can't travel anywhere so we've had daily chats on the phone. If I hadn't had those outlets I probably would have gone slightly mad.

Won't keep you now but rest assured I will be back. Oh yes, I WILL BE BACK.

15 May 2020

Me again,,,, oh I wish!

I am unable to send individual messages - sadly - and typing with two fingers is worse than when I learned how to type.

I want to say thanks for messages via the blog, it seems the only way Google will allow. And to Ron, thanks for the card, which I have not seen. It will be a sad birthday, I think. 

Latest news is that the engineer will not be visiting me  in the near future, no indication as to a possible date!  

Needless to say, I am fed up.

13 May 2020

Yes, it is ME!

I found an opening and took a chance on saying Hi to you all. 

My usual method of blogging has broken down DRAMATICALLY. 
All being well and the virus allows the engineer just might be able to reconnect me to my blogging friends. I do hope you are all well. I will be back ASAP and cannot wait.


06 May 2020



1. Fingers crossed that normal shopping will be resumed one day.

2. Sneezed last night, it nearly scared me to death. For a minute I thought I’d joined the ranks of sufferers.

3. Wondering what it’s like walking outside…. hehe, I cheat by walking in the garden.

4. Also wondering what it’s like actually talking to people. 

5.  Hairdresser texted to say she misses me. Of course, she really means missing the money!

6. My favourite Peppermint tea is permanently sold out but Amazon came to rescue. They sent me twenty single packets. That’s 20 drinks. Cost: excessively high.

7. Neighbour has done some shopping for me. When she delivers mine, she places the bag of goodies in the porch, rings the bell, and scarpers. Gone are the days of neighbourly chats.

8. Have discovered that I am shrinking. I now have to jump to reach the top bolt on kitchen door. Before I simply raised an arm and, viola, job done.  

9. Birthday looming.…  I don’t think I want one this year.  

10. Need to buy another thinking cap. The one I have is wearing out.

04 May 2020


This is a story of long ago, but it backs up my opinion of our wonderful police force.

Set the scene:

My son and I lived in a very large house, divided into two flats. My flat was on the ground floor, accessible by front and side doors. The side entrance was reached via an alleyway between houses, and through a gate that led to the yard.

As a single Mum I had to work. Arrangements were made for Jon before and after a school day but there were times when he was alone in the house. He was very young when this episode took place. In those days it wasn’t illegal to leave a child alone and I made sure people knew he was there and to look out for him, including the neighbour upstairs.

‘Never open the door to strangers.’ I warned. ‘Always ring the office to check it out.’

One day, the dreaded call was received.

Two men had entered the side gate and were knocking on the door.

Scared boy rang his Mum.

‘Okay,’ I said, trying for his sake to keep calm. ‘So what are they doing now?’

‘They’ve gone down the garden,’ said young son. 

The garden also provided access to the French doors in my lounge.


‘Don’t open the door,’ I said, trying not to scare my boy.

Leaving him holding on the phone, I went to the switchboard and rang the police on a different line. Told them a young child was alone in the house and two men were trying to get in. 

On our way, they said, after taking details of son’s name and age.

Went back to talk to my son … and learned that the police had already arrived. Yes, as quick as that. I could hear them calling to him through the door, telling him not to be afraid. I grabbed my coat and ran while switchboard colleague rang the neighbour.

Two men were apprehended.


They had entered my property to use the outside toilet.

How did they know it was there?

I didn’t have a milkman!

On arriving home, neighbour in the upstairs flat told me she had seen the men enter the outside toilet, situated further down the yard. She had a perfect view from her window. Apparently, the police arrived as they were coming out.
When things were settled I wrote to the General Manager of the Dairy to complain about the men taking such liberties. Had a nice letter back, was assured that steps had been taken to reprimand the culprits but that their excuse was taken as legitimate and they would not lose their jobs.


The mystery was solved.

I discovered that my cousin’s husband had taken a job as a milkman.

Near to my house, his colleague had skidded and fallen onto a broken bottle.

Gashed his thigh!

In order to see to the wound my relative called at my house for help. and, since no-one opened the door, they went to the outside toilet.

‘Well,’ said cousin’s husband, ‘he could hardly drop his trousers in the road.’

I asked why he didn’t tell me about it, but he said he felt such a fool. After the interview with the boss he couldn’t face my wrath as well.

So here’s the point of relating the story:

Our police didn’t waste time then and they don’t waste time now. No matter what people say, when we need help they never let us down.

02 May 2020


This is funny to try and you feel like a idiot doing it.. 

How smart is Your Right Foot ? 

Just try this. It is from an orthopaedic surgeon..... 


It will boggle your mind and you will keep trying over and over again
to see if you can outsmart your foot, but, you can't. It's programmed
in your brain! 

1. WITHOUT anyone watching you (they will think you are GOOFY) and
while sitting where you are - maybe at your desk in front of your computer, lift
your right foot off the floor and make clockwise circles.

2. Now, while doing this, draw the number "6" in the air with your right
hand. Your foot will change direction. 

I told you so!!! And there's nothing you can do about it!