06 May 2020



1. Fingers crossed that normal shopping will be resumed one day.

2. Sneezed last night, it nearly scared me to death. For a minute I thought I’d joined the ranks of sufferers.

3. Wondering what it’s like walking outside…. hehe, I cheat by walking in the garden.

4. Also wondering what it’s like actually talking to people. 

5.  Hairdresser texted to say she misses me. Of course, she really means missing the money!

6. My favourite Peppermint tea is permanently sold out but Amazon came to rescue. They sent me twenty single packets. That’s 20 drinks. Cost: excessively high.

7. Neighbour has done some shopping for me. When she delivers mine, she places the bag of goodies in the porch, rings the bell, and scarpers. Gone are the days of neighbourly chats.

8. Have discovered that I am shrinking. I now have to jump to reach the top bolt on kitchen door. Before I simply raised an arm and, viola, job done.  

9. Birthday looming.…  I don’t think I want one this year.  

10. Need to buy another thinking cap. The one I have is wearing out.

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