27 May 2020


Oh WOW! Yes, it's me and oh boy am I glad to be back on line. Two weeks without contact on-line, two weeks without something to do to while away the time, two weeks without pals to talk to. Mind you I was just getting used to doing nothing but housework when out of the blue a guy turns up to sort things out on the computer. Whoops, that's not right, it wasn't the computer at fault, it was the broadband thingy that had gone totally haywire. Whatever it was, it almost flummoxed the engineer who came to put things right. The best part, though, was not having to fork out for repairs. 

So how are you all? I hope you have survived all the worldly upsets. I'm not happy that my stepdaughter is confined to her own country but I guess she's better off staying where she is than travelling the world. I have't seen my son but he can't travel anywhere so we've had daily chats on the phone. If I hadn't had those outlets I probably would have gone slightly mad.

Won't keep you now but rest assured I will be back. Oh yes, I WILL BE BACK.

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