04 June 2020


It's no use, I just can't live without blogging. I miss my friends too much to carry on in my stubborn way. So what if I offended Google! Google surely wont raise the cane and tell me what a naughty girl I am - even though what happened was no fault of mine. Even Charlie the cat seems to want me out of his hair, so to speak, so I am asking you for an opinion. Do I or don't I have another go at blogging?  Honestly, I can live without it but life is pretty dull if there's nothing to say or do.

Life here is indescribable. First the computer lets me down, then the printer decides to join ranks with the computer which forced me to call in the expert from the shop up the road.  Just don;t ask about the cost, that is something I would rather forget.

Looking forward to meeting up with you again, that is if you will allow yours truly to re-enter our wonderful blogging world.  I hear murmurs of  change so I hope someone will put be in the picture where blog changes are concerned.

Bye for now. 

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