22 September 2012

Blame the Scales

Blame the scales, that's what I say!

I guess this is the sort of poem I should read every time I go out to lunch so, since Saturday is eating out day, I've not only read it but I've put it on here for anyone else who has to watch their weight.

Tipping the Scales … by Judy Rose

This morning when I weighed myself, I got an awful fright…
For the weight that came up on the dial was certainly not right.
I’ve really had it with these scales, they’re utterly misleading,
I slid them over to the bath to get a second reading.
Again the weight that registered was ridiculously high,
I moved them back towards the loo to have another try.
The pointer stubbornly remained just under ten stone three…
I raised one foot and then breathed in, but all quite fruitlessly.
My last hope was the carpet, so I moved to softer ground,
Just to suffer more frustration … I’d gained another pound.
I’ll really have to face the fact: these scales have had their day.
They simply can’t deliver me an honest, spot-on weigh.
A brand new, high-tech digital would really be the bizz,
I need top-notch equipment now that tells it like it is.
And passing by the mirror, I catch sight of my reflection,
It’s not a picture that inspires, a more in-depth inspection,
But I am not at all perturbed by the vision that appears,
That mirror distorts everything ... it’s been like that for years.


  1. I weigh in every morning before I eat anything. Sometimes I also weigh myself mid-day or before I go to sleep to see the difference. Lucky me if I lose or at least retain the previous early morning weight. I have a normal BMI, though. I just want to lose a little more. It's so hard for me because I really love to eat :)

  2. Wow, Lea, it might pay you to spread out the weighings.

  3. oy the scale is not my friend...smiles...when i was working on losing weight i checked it often....i really should probably do that more...just saying...

  4. *laughing* I could envision the moments in the bathroom with the scale.

    Thankfully, we don't own a scale!
    I LIKE it that way. LOL

  5. Heehee, Brian, I'm not over-friendly with my scales. I guess my weight by the way the clothes fit.

  6. HaHaHa! LOVE it. I never even bother to get on a scale. My weight just stays pretty much on an even keel.

  7. I hate my scales since I came back off holiday! ;)

  8. Oh dear, Pearl, was it a case of .... dare I say it .... overeating? lol.

  9. Oh Valerie, what a hilarious poem!

    And I LOVE the ending!!!!

    I don't even own a scale because I have the exact opposite issue. According to my height (statistically), I'm underweight, so everyone is always saying..."You're so skinny, why don't you gain some weight?"

    Thus, I avoid the scale and try to accept my weight for what it is.

    Have a great Saturday!

  10. Our scale remembers the last weigh in and lets you know how much you lost or gained. This is not necessarily a good thing! Ha ha!

  11. Ron, most people, especially women, would appreciate being a little underweight. Or maybe we should all get a pair of faulty scales, like the one in the poem!!!

  12. lols! I love the poem..I stay miles away from the weighing machine..I love cooking and eating..:)

  13. Chuckle, chuckle, chuckle!!! Thanks Valerie, I love coming here.

  14. great poem.. an so true...
    that mirror distorts everything !!

  15. Love the poem Valerie, I don't really have a problem with the scales, it's that danged mirror that has distorted my image :)


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