02 January 2018



I have resolved the problem of going up the hill where I live. I researched and discussed with a neighbour the merits or otherwise of purchasing an invalidity scooter. See picture above. In view of the fact that I need independence and not have to be beholden to people for posting letters etc it seemed the most logical thing to do. So when the neighbour suggested a day to go looking I jumped at the chance.

We had thought we’d need to visit several outlets, however we struck lucky at the first one. The variety was enormous, but we managed to dwindle it down to two or three. I decided against having a three-wheeler, imagining a single front wheel would be easy to get stuck in ruts. I could have been wrong but a four wheeler made more sense to me. After all, I had driven a four-wheel car for many years. The colour was easy to choose, red being the colour of the car – and now the scooter. Looking at it another way, red was the most noticeable colour and other people needed to see me coming!!

I bought it and it was delivered next day. Insurance was dealt with by neighbour so I was free to go riding.

Only I didn’t!

I had to work myself up to take the plunge. I mean, what would people think if they saw me riding out on a scooter? Actually, nothing. It was all in my silly mind.

 A day later, after telling myself that if I didn’t get out and practice scootering I would never go out at all, I used Leo (the scooter’s name) to deliver Christmas cards to neighbours. Nervous? Yes! Going up driveways and having to reverse as well as go forward almost put me off, that is – until I gave myself a lecture along with a few expletives about how stupid I was. I had to use the thing to get accustomed to all the switches and what they do. So next day I went out to post some letters, a decent ride up and down hills to the nearest post box.

Several people wished me good morning, you don’t get that in a car!

I met few obstacles, but it was amazing how many drivers illegally park their cars half on the footpath and half in the road. I have seen articles in the press about this inconsiderate way of parking and the police are on the case. One white van was particularly difficult to get past … but I DID IT.

I handled it well, I thought, watching out for pot-holes and learning how to adjust speed. I felt I had achieved something. One thing I did learn, though, and that was to wear a warmer coat!


  1. Independence is a beautiful thing.

  2. Glad to hear you got more mobility, like Leo as a name.

  3. Good for you Valerie in motivating yourself to give Leo a try! I bet you'll love the additional bit of independence that the scooter provides you.


  4. Janet, I agree about Leo.... just hope the machine doesn't behave like a leaping lion

  5. Sue, I can't wait for the better weather to really give the machine a good run. It's a might to cold, wet and windy at present so it is better to wait.

  6. Congrats! So happy for you. We need our independence for as long as humanly possible. So glad you and Leo found each other :-)

  7. That is so wonderful to hear. You're going to have a great time getting around and seeing things you haven't been able to for awhile.

  8. Valerie, that's AWESOME! I applaud you on your new scooter!!!! Love the color!

    "I handled it well, I thought, watching out for pot-holes and learning how to adjust speed. I felt I had achieved something.'


    I've never been one for owning a car because I really don't like driving or even dealing with the upkeep or the expense, but I wouldn't mind owning a scooter for getting around. I always thought about getting a Vespa!

    The best to you with your new wheels, my friend! I am soooooooooo happy for you!


  9. Carole, you are right about independence. I think, once the storms are over, Leo and I will really get to know each other.

  10. kden, I can't wait for an improvement in the weather so that I can get out and about. I can't go too far though, there's a limit to the mileage I can do.

  11. Ron, a Vespa would be great. Why not go for it? You would get to your favourite places much faster. We are in the middle of a major storm so I can't go out. Well, I could if I didn't mind crashing my new mode of transport.

  12. I didn't get the pic.
    I could probably use a scooter, maybe. The mailbox has become too far to walk. I was not surprised at the hesitation to finally get on the road, I understand, I am the same way.
    Happy wheeling!

  13. A scooter sounds wonderful, Valerie. We have a friend living in Kingston, Ontario who was using one most of the spring and fall until winter set in. Hope the storm you're having now is NOT like the blizzard we're having here in NH today!

  14. Sharon, good to see you again. It was a distant mailbox that decided me to buy the scooter. I didn't like having to keep on asking neighbours if they would post letters.

  15. Hi Beatrice, I bought my scooter just as winter set in. Never mind, it's there when I need it. With our weather l don't fancy venturing outside.

  16. You're the best, Val. Such an inspiration to us all. Glad Leo is treating you well. Take care and Happy New Year!!

  17. That's great! Good for you, Valerie - why turn yourself into a hermit, just because your legs or back don't work properly?

    OH and I have always said that if the time comes when we need a mobility scooter, we'll be out there at that shop to get one so fast ... well, as fast as our various disabilities will let us! Both his mother and my own were reluctant to let other people see them out in wheelchairs to the point where both refused point-blank to go anywhere in one unless it was a dire emergency. MIL had a large dual-purpose electric wheelchair which she used almost exclusively inside her house, refusing to venture out more than was strictly necessary. My mother refused to even consider buying one, preferring to rely on a hand-pushed model that made her very dependent on other people. Even then, she got out of the house so rarely, she was almost a hermit. I intend to have extra lights, skulls and crossbones, go-faster stripes etc all over mine when I get one!

  18. Jay, I love being able to get out. It has reduced my reliance on others. I have already been asked if I have been caught speeding. As if!


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