16 January 2018


I wrote this for an ailing friend in 2009

I am so very sorry
That you’re feeling rather ill
I wonder, yes I wonder
Did you forget to take a pill

You need a dose of TLC
Now you’ve taken to your bed
The formula is guaranteed
To ease a pounding head

Also you will find enclosed
An additional provision
A hug that I created
To beget a fast remission

I fashioned it with sympathy
Coloured with affection
Adding reassurance
To fight off the infection

I took a crumb of wisdom
To include inside the mixture
To make it known that hereon in
Your cold is not a fixture

So hurry now and get well soon
Your buddy’s very troubled.
It feels as if you’ve gone astray
And missing you has doubled


  1. What a thoughtful and witty thing to write. Hope your friend got well quickly.

    1. Thanks Janet. It didn’t take long for her to shake it off.

  2. I thought it would cheer her up while the flu lasted.

  3. *clapping*

    Valerie, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this! Both thoughtful and very amusing. You are so clever with words.

    I'm sure this cheered her up immensely and cured her quick!

    Well done, my friend.

    Hope you're having a fantastic Tuesday!


  4. Ron, as colds are prevalent now I thought it a good time to repost this. It did cheer my friend, in fact, she sent it to others who were suffering.

    We are due for another snowfall, much to Charlie's disgust. He doesn't like the stuff. Hope you enjoy your day, dear friendx

  5. Very nice Valerie, I know that your friend felt much better as soon as reading this.

  6. Jimmy, from memory I believe it took about a week - I should have tried harder lol

  7. That was quite a nice poem and hope it cheered up your friend, Valerie. There's nothing like a personal message!

  8. Nicely done, Val. Probably made your friend feel a lot better.

  9. How kind and thoughtful Valerie. I'm sure your friend felt better.


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