27 January 2018


Continuing the saga about medication. Just as I thought things were settling down I was hit by another change of plan; a plan, I was to discover, never actually started. After two months and no sign of a delivery I rang the pharmacy again. After going through the medication rigmarole I discovered that my medication was not ‘on the shelf’ therefore it wouldn’t have been delivered. Once more I went through the whole procedure to which the reply came ‘Yes, we know that, but things have changed.’

Tell me about it!
She was right, things had changed.
a. Apparently, it was no longer the policy to issue two month’s worth of medication. 
b. Apparently, they were no longer able to send two months worth.
c. Apparently, a prescription would only be supplied on a monthly basis. 
That was fine by me, but then it was explained that it would not be an automatic thing. 
d. Apparently, the patient was now obliged to order their ongoing prescription each month.

As it happens I still have the mental capacity to deal with this but not everyone can. Some poor souls can’t even manage to use a telephone let alone deal with stubborn and sometimes rude pharmacy assistants. 

So the day will soon dawn when I try again. Right … now, where did I put those boxing gloves?

That day arrived and I am still confused. The story now goes like this.....

Assistant: we have your order, received today from Doctor's surgery. (YES! That's how it was always done) and we will deliver at the end of the week. (Crikey, and I thought they needed telling twice!). 
Assistant asked me was I sure I was with that particular surgery. YES! Oh well, that explains the confusion, she said, and went on to explain that another assistant thought I was with a different surgery, one that was introducing a new system. Then came the blow.... she wasn't sure but she thought my surgery would be changing it's policy to one that is more confusing. 

Please pray for my sanity!


  1. And yet they tell us that change is good.

  2. I will let you know, Janet... Lol

  3. I’m praying. Hope it’s working.

  4. My mother was finding it increasingly difficult to sort out all her medication, and I wasn't really sure what she meant to be taking either, and really no one was able to help her out. Now she's in a home they organise all of it and I'm so relieved because at times I think my mother had no idea what she was doing at all. Very dangerous really.

  5. I keep track of all the meds for two people now if I can remember which ones are hers and which one are mine.

  6. OMG Valerie, how frustrating this is! And this sort of thing goes on here in the U.S. as well. Much of our medical/insurance systems don't know who it talking to who, so it's just one big ball of confusion. My mother also went through this when she dealing with her doctors, nurses, and insurance company when she was ill. And it's so frustrating because on top of not feeling well, we have to deal with this type of thing.

    Hope it all gets sorted out well soon!

    Have a great rest of your weekend, my friend!


  7. Joe, I don't think people realises how dangerous these drugs are. It's good that the responsibility for your mother's drugs now lies with others.

  8. TB, I hope you have a list with names at the top. I've been through that and ended up with typed lists, one each for morning, afternoon and evening. Duh!

  9. Hi Ron, on top of it all the promised prescription that was to be delivered didn't turn up. It's back to the boxing ring, I think. I have been reading a lot lately about the inefficiency of this overworked pharmacy but it doesn't relieve my anger at their irresponsibility.

  10. Is there a possibility of switching pharmacies? Although we have had some of the same problems at our pharmacy, unless one specific pharmacist is on duty, I wish you had a pharmacist like her.

  11. I have been considering this, Jimmy. Part of the problem has been having to do everything by phone which could hamper a possible change. Tomorrow sees me having anothrf go.

  12. They sure make us work hard to be healthy.

  13. Sure do, kden. Ir exasperates me no end.

  14. Sounds like a mobius strip (that goes around, twists, connects and makes the same circle again). Will this ever be resolved soon? I sure hope you hear some new good news.

  15. Hi Susan, thanks for the smiles. The required medication was delivered yesterday, two months worth. Altogether now.... WOW!


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