27 April 2020

What the heck....


What the heck is going on with posts? Everything that goes on the sidebar is twisted to read something different or removed altogether, and suddenly I am looking at stuff from years ago.

I ask you, who is in charge here?

Is anyone else having the same or similar problems? 


  1. No problems like that Valerie. I hope normal service resumes for you. We could say that about everything at the moment couldn't we?

  2. No, Valerie, I'm not having that problem. But perhaps it's because I don't use a Blogger template. But I wanted to let you know something that I've noticed on my feed reader. Your posts are showing up as published, yet when I click over to read it, it says that the page I'm looking for is not there.

    Do you keep your posts in "draft?" Because when you do, they can be seen by anyone who has your feed on their reader. It only happens on Blogger blogs for some reason.

    I have a separate blog that I used to compose my posts which I keep on "private mode" so that no one can read them. And when I'm ready to publish them, I just cut and paste them on my official blog.

    Hope this helps. X

  3. Ron, I think I know what went wrong now. I 'allowed' someone to comment when under normal circumstances I don't allow it. I have gone back to where I was before this bewildering upset so I hope I've gone back to normal.

  4. No problems with mine so far. Hope yours get all sorted out.


  5. Good grief, that sounds awful! Not having any issues here at the moment. I hope yours clear up fast.


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