15 June 2013

The Demise of Google Reader

Ron posted recently about the imminent demise of Google Reader, which takes place on lst July. It was something I had been thinking about so his blog post was timely.

I rarely used Google Reader, preferring a personal blog roll (see side bar, headed My Blog List) which is a lot more efficient than Reader ever was simply because it kept up with things a lot better.

In case you don't know, although I am sure you do, the blog roll can be found in blog settings/layout/add a gadget, providing (I think) a Blogger template is in place. The beauty of My Blog List is that I don't necessarily have to 'follow' people to know when they post their latest although there is an automatic facility if I do follow them.

I commented at the time that I heard Bloglovin' was a better alternative but whilst on Ron’s blog I read the views of his pals and that’s how I heard about Feedly. Naturally I went to have a look and have now installed it. It sits there on my bookmark bar just waiting for me to read a few blogs.

After that, knowing people were using more than one blog feed, I decided to take a look at Bloglovin'. Of the two, Feedly and Bloglovin', I preferred the layout of the latter. Feedly arrived showing just a list of blog names (you do, of course, click on the name to read the blog) although, like Bloglovin' it shows pictures and all by a simple adjustment in their settings. At first the latter seemed more user friendly but really there's not much to choose between them. 

The downside with Bloglovin' was that notifications came by email ... on the PC, on the iPhone, and the iPad. Help! I felt so bombarded I couldn't wait to change the settings. 

However, for your information, both the aforementioned feeders update from Google Reader for you so there’s absolutely no hassle. The uploading needs to be arranged quickly though, otherwise time will run out. All in all it took just a minute to transfer from Reader - in both cases. 

However, as I said to Ron, unless Google decides to withdraw the blog roll facility, I shall stick with it.

I hope this gives some insight to solving the problem of losing Reader.


  1. i never used reader, but i do use will all work out...i am not sweating though needs to stop jacking with their blogger services...smiles.

  2. Well.....given that I have a bazillion folks I check on--okay, not really. LOL But I know I'll have to investigate, probably this weekend. The down side to having it on your weblog is some folks might not want to be listed? I say that only as an assumption. I make it practice to ask if folks mind if I put them on my weblog--and quit making additions because there WAS the reader option.
    I guess, push come to shove, I could go back to that practice. I know, I make a decision FAST!

  3. Valerie, I can't thank you ENOUGH for sharing this VERY informative post about the two readers because I haven't had time (busy at work) this week to check them out, so I was going to research them tomorrow.

    And judging by your review, I think I will most likely go with Feedly because like you, I don't want update notifications clogging up my email box. I'd rather just have one place I can go to each day, and read my feeds.

    Most of the people who left comments on my blog (who use a feed reader) said the prefer Feedly.

    Again, thank you for a GREAT post, dear lady!

    Have a lovely Saturday!

    P.S. I agree with Brian, Google needs to stop jacking with their blogger services. I don't mind change, but OMG...they are changing everything at once.

  4. Hi Ron. I was able to change the settings on Bloglovin' so that I didn't get email notifications. I still prefer Feedly though.

    Google, my friend, is busy with it's balloons in outer space (today's announcement) ... methinks that's all it can cope with at this moment in time. Perhaps if it gets rid of a few jobs it can sleep easier at night....whaaaaaaa!

  5. Mel, having bloggers listed is a way of advertising their blogs. Most bloggers I know have a blog roll.

    Brian, like I said to Ron, Google is probably taken up with the new balloons!!

  6. I'm going back to my low tech method of keeping up with blogs, now that Reader is almost defunct, in addition to replying to comments that are left at my four blogs. It worked fine for me before. I hesitate to sign up for services online as so many do bombard you with email after email etc.

    Have a great weekend Val, G :<)

  7. I don't really like having to keep changing stuff. I suppose I am just a stick in the mud!

  8. Interesting and informative post. I'm checking out Feedly.

  9. Had forgotten that Reader was on the way out.... google is almost as bad
    as facebook constantly changing and not always for the better.

  10. I never use Google Reader but I thank you for this post Valerie. I'm bookmarking it in fact.

    An English Girl Rambles

  11. I've used Google Reader for a long time and was dismayed when I found out they were doing away with it. I read about Feedly on someone else's blog so I tried it out and use it all the time now. However, there has been a hint that Feedly may start charging for it's use, in which case I shall be looking for another reader.

  12. Gosh, Pearl, I didn't know that about Feedly charging. If they do I shall definitely stop using it. I have Bloglovin' as well. Usually if one charges the other might follow suit.


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