16 October 2016

I could swear sometimes....

The Internet can be very irritating. Talk about invasiveness! There’s a new feature which I’m sure Google thinks is brilliant. It goes like this: if I buy stuff on line and get confirmation of purchase by email Google makes a list in case I forget. I didn’t ask for it nor do I want it (admittedly it was only once but once is enough). The retailer notifies me of a delivery time so I guess Google is fully aware of that too. Another thing, if I make entries on my iPhone calendar or ’things to remember’ list Google immediately peeks at Cloud, notes the info and reminds me. I thought Cloud was sort-of private which presumably is an incorrect assumption. Can anyone see it if they want to or is it only Google? Silly of me, really, to think it was totally private.

Another grouse I have, concerning Blogger, is to do with comments that are left on a post. Hitherto I could validate and publish comments on all devices but not anymore. Suddenly I can only do it on the iPhone. If I want to do it on the iPad or computer I am required to enter my email address and password EVERY time, for every comment received. So now I read them on the iPad then whip out the phone and post the comments from there. Whatever happened to easy-to-use Safari? Now I click on Safari and get Google with loads of complications. All this is very hard going.

Visiting blogs is the same, in fact anything to do with Blogging has to be authenticated by name and password. Every time! Does everyone have the same inconvenience?

I had a brilliant idea... change to one of my other email providers. So into settings I went and arranged that notification of comments would be made by them. Forget Google, I thought. Flippin’ heck, even that didn’t work. I was notified by both. Well, that was no good. Went back and cancelled the instruction which means I’m back to square one which is heavily laced with frustration.

To get round the above and avoid having to 'sign in' every few minutes I was obliged to 'join the club', meaning I had to give everything about myself barring dress sense. I had to give phone number, date of birth, the lot, just to write a few words on a blog. However, once that was done I had no further problems. It's the cheek of it all that gets me. Who keeps all our information, that's what I want to know.

Is there a book somewhere that enlightens folk like me? How sad, though, when in many ways I’m an expert on the damned computer – or should I say WAS an expert.  

Since writing the above I have been updated, or rather my gadgets have. I am now the not-so-proud possessor of stuff I didn’t ask for nor want, with everything changed round and programmes added that I will never use. I do NOT want to pay for goods using the phone, I am quite happy to take cash from purse and pay that way or use the debit card.

I can understand that modern living demands some of these things and that
there are people who like to use what is now known as convenience methods. Well, my way was convenient and I want to keep it that way. I wouldn’t mind if there was a choice but with iPhone and iPad all I was told was that I needed an update. Presuming the update meant technical changes to normal programmes and the way they worked I accepted it. Now I have an iPad and iPhone that are practically unusable ... maybe not quite unusable but they are extremely complicated. I am seriously thinking of binning the lot and purchasing a normal phone that does what it is supposed to do – answer and receive calls from friends and relatives. As for the iPad, the question must be asked ... do I really need one?

By the way, this isn’t an age thing... I have young friends who don’t understand it either.  Perhaps we should start a revolution, wave the banners and shout ... down with i-thingies. 


As if to punish me for using all those swear words, the old PC gave up the ghost, together with the other one that was sort of spare. I reckon they were in league. ‘Let’s do it together, see how she copes’ sort of thing. Well, they didn’t have to wait long to find out. I believe I screamed my frustration … I’m sure that’s why Charlie the cat rushed out in great haste.

When I calmed down I made a phone call and begged my computer expert to sort things out. Later that afternoon, he arrived and set to work. Only when he had signed the computer death certificate did he suggest that I consider having a new machine. Actually he wouldn’t have done that had he not been aware of my repeated exclamations that only a new machine would be tolerated in this household.

As luck would have it I discovered that I did not HAVE to resort to another Windows 10. No, I could have Windows 7 if I wanted. Can you guess what decided me? You’re right, it was the thought of being able to use a laptop without screaming. Windows 7. God bless you for still being around in my time of need.


  1. These computers can be sooo frustrating!! I don't have the Blogger sign on issue. I mostly use Chrome, but I doubt that is the reason

  2. I use Chrome also. I don't have to sign in every time. I only wish I knew more about these things to help you. So sorry about all the frustration Valerie.

  3. Denise, I use Chrome too. It is the ipad that presents the problem, not the computer. Perhaps I didn't word it properly. Will go back and check.

  4. I feel your pain. I would like to go back to windows 7 as well. I keep getting a password request on my I phone, It pops up most inconveniently . I am going to get an android next time.

  5. Katie, I have just acquired a new computer with Windows 7. It is much better than Windows 10 but I still have the same problem with Blogger. On the iPad I still have to sign in every time I want to publish or respond to someone's comment. It is a pain. Of course, the answer is not to use the iPad.

  6. "Another thing, if I make entries on my iPhone calendar or ’things to remember’ list Google immediately peeks at Cloud, notes the info and reminds me. "

    Valerie, ever since getting a Smartphone (an Android) and linking it to my Google accounts, I've experienced the same frustration. It seems that whenever I use anything on my phone (such as You Tube) it automatically links it my home computer. My phone seems to want to link everything to it.

    I don't use my phone for anything other than to talk, text, read emails, listen to music, or watch videos, I never use it to blog (comment or respond to comments). I only do that on my desktop computer; therefore I never have any issues with signing in each time to leave comments blogs.

    I'm glad you mentioned being able to still use Windows 7 on your new computer because I recently saw something on my "programs" that supplied a link to restore my Windows 10 software back to Windows 7, and I might just do that because I really miss it.

    Hope you're having a lovely Sunday, my friend!


  7. I think I would go mad if I had all those problems! I have no ipad, I have no smart phone, I have no cloud, the only thing connected to the internet is my laptop and Windows 7. After reading all that I don't want them! I really think that would send me over the edge.

  8. I try to go by the old adage "if it ain't broke don't fix it". Apparently Google never heard of it....:(

  9. Ron, I absolutely do NOT regret giving up the Windows 10. It is easy to understand whereas Windows 10 complicated everything. I must admit I do use the phone for all sorts of things and it's great, it's the ipad that is the problem and Google is less than helpful on there. Of course, I suppose it depends on what I want to do on it. Isn't it good that we can share these things with our blogging friends.

  10. SJQ, sometimes I feel it would be better to go back to being without these gadgets! By and large though, I love them.

  11. Katie, have often been tempted to give up the iphone but so far haven't plucked up the courage.

  12. That Blogger issue sounds horrid. I haven't had any problems like that. Hopefully it's just a glitch and will correct itself soon. I also have Win 7 and have installed a program that blocks 10 from downloading. It has stopped it several times. And it's not an age thing, it's a 'don't give me stuff I don't need and I will be happy' thing :)

  13. Hi kden

    "don't give me stuff I don't need and I will be happy' thing"

    I'm with you there. It wouldn't be so bad if we were asked before installation of these unwanted things. I didn't know there was a programme to block the download - now that IS interesting.

  14. Hope it is all sorted out for you by now. I misread so it wasn't you Valerie. There are times my brain refuses to slow down. Wish my body could go as fast :)

  15. I hope all the gadget and PC woes have been worked out by now Val. I get so frustrated by some of the "improvement" ideas from companies like MS, Google ...who can't seem to leave well enough alone when something is already working fine. Example, Windows 7 was great, so many people were happy with it. Then we were given 8 which IMO was a mess. Why do we need to keep updating if we really don't want or need to??


  16. Geraldine, everything has calmed down now and the Wndows7 is working well. Thank goodness! I have no idea why the updates are so necessary! I guess it's up to the users to prove that theory wrong.

  17. If there's a book, it was probably published by... Google. :-) Just joking, only just. The invasion of privacy is reaching new levels. Have you noticed how the ads that appear in your e-mail have been fine-tuned to suit your needs? They are based on your cookies. And not the sort you can eat! :-)


    Greetings from London.

  18. Hang in there, Val. Technology can be quite vexing. I haven't used that word in a long time. Hope all is better now, and Google is using his/her manners.


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