17 August 2019


1. My cat can’t complain about the variety of cat food on the market. There’s always something new for him to try.

2. Armchair replaced and so was my bed. Chair was so old I was plagued with back ache and the bed was too hard, causing SEVERE back ache and sleeplessness. No wonder I was suffering.

3. I woke in the morning determined to do something but by the time I was up and running I had forgotten what it was.

4. My odd job boy said he would come Saturday or Sunday to sweep away a lot of leaf debris. He forgot to say which year!

5. Green Woodpecker has started to visit my garden. I am delighted because I have only ever seen one before. I hope he remembers my generosity with bird seed and becomes a frequent visitor.

6. I wish I could work as fast as my cleaning ladies!

7. Our heat wave was hotter than I’ve ever known. Poor Charlie couldn’t find a cold spot anywhere. It only lasted one day and now we’re back to lighting fires to keep warm

8. The fox is back, which means Charlie won’t venture out.

9. Finally, bought a new recliner chair because the old one forgot how to recline. It was a very old chair so I deserved something new. I needed something to relax in. The cat loves it - already he has tested his claws on it so now it’s covered with a cloth and looks proper peculiar. If anyone knows how to stop a cat clawing furniture, I would be grateful for advice.

The chair is similar to one bought for Joe, only this one has even more amazing positions. I love it already.

It’s not often I get results from internet search, and this was no exception. I did remember that Joe had bought his chair locally so instead of searching the internet I searched the phone book and spotted a supplier just up the road, so to speak. Because I don’t get out now, I rang to enquire about rising chairs. I didn’t expect much so it was a surprise when my custom was grabbed and a guy arrived with a van load of rising chairs for me to look at. I chose one and bought it there and then. All officially done, and complete with installation in my favourite corner of the room. How’s that for service?

10. Charlie couldn’t wait to dig his claws in it, so straight away I was obliged to find a cover to stop him from ruining my new purchase. 


  1. Had to look up green woodpecker, we do not have them here, but they look much like our "Flickers" I don;t think our flickers eat seed, mostly bugs. Foxes are cool creatures, except I guess if you have chickens or a cat...keep Charlie inside.

    1. I don't think Green is an official name but there is so much green on it that I started to call it the green woodpecker. A fox visits the garden regularly but cautiously. The cat keeps well away although I have been told that neither animal will infliltrate the others patch. However, caution prevails.

  2. My cats are very fussy about their food - and extremely reluctant to try anything new. They also LOVE to scratch all of my best furniture. That's why one of my cats is named Scratch.

    I've never seen a green woodpecker. I hope he returns to your yard.

    Your heat wave only lasted one day?? You're very fortunate. In West Texas the heat can last six months!!

    Enjoy your new recliner - - and try to keep the cat away from it (easier said than done)

  3. We get more rain now than ever before and (sadly) it all helps to cool things down.

  4. Valerie, I am so happy to read that you figured out what was contributing to your severe back pain. Isn't it something how things like chairs and beds, affect the way we feel, physically. And the way we sleep?

    " I woke in the morning determined to do something but by the time I was up and running I had forgotten what it was."

    HA! I've done that MANY times. I do it quite often while walking from one room into the next, not remembering WHY I went into the room to begin with.

    My cats used to do the same thing on certain pieces of furniture. The only way I could deter them from doing it was to get a plastic spray bottle and fill it with water, and spray them with it (on the bottles' "stream setting") whenever they scratched. Cat's hate water, so it's a great way to train them without harming them in anyway. It worked for my two cats.

    Hope you're having a lovely weekend, my friend!

    X to you and Charlie

    1. A water spray... why didn't I think of that. Watch out Charlie, here I come!

  5. What service in getting that new chair, Valerie, and glad it is already helping your back feel better. Whenever we travel, the first night in a different bed gives me pains the next morning. The spray water bottle has worked for neighbors of ours. Luckily for me, my cat did not scratch any furniture and that’s because she had been declawed, which I know isn’t really done now but this was well over 25 years ago.

    1. I am curious now. Don't claws grow again?

  6. So happy you got a new chair and bed. Hopefully it will be the end of your back pain. I agree with spraying water for cats. I have declawed cats in the past too, not knowing that the last bone of the toe is actually removed. Wouldn't ever do it again. Happy bird watching!


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