24 December 2011

Anniversary Meal

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. Ours started early because our wedding anniversary was two days before Christmas Day.

This year my Guy and I celebrated with lunch at the New Hall, though why it's called 'New' is a mystery when it was actually built in the 13th Century. Regular bloggers will know that it is one of my favourite eating places.
After parking the car we walked across the moat

and were shown into the dining room overlooking the garden. I think of it as the conservatory. It's not such a delightful room as the Bridge Room but it's very much okay. I like the contemporary look of the solid wood tables. Since it was Christmas there was a Christmas tree and crackers on the tables, an upmarket variety with decent contents.

We hadn't been sitting down long before the rains came. I was thankful that I could only see it by looking through the window. No matter what the weather is like the examples of topiary that you can see through the leaded window are a joy to see in real life.

After studying the menu my Guy decided to start with soup and I chose the smoked chicken gnocchi. Goodness only knows why this picture is sideways on ... it was taken straight and was straight on the computer but Blogger decides otherwise lately. It was delicious ... Blogger couldn't change that.

Next for me was the fish pie

served with hand cut chips and spinach

The pie was a mixture of different kinds of fish, including salmon. Very tasty. I particularly liked the way the potato was piped on top.

Hubs had rib-eye steak which he said was delicious.

Then for afters, I had the orange pannacotta

and himself chose the sticky toffee pudding

A final touch was cappuccino served New House style

Perhaps I shouldn't have shown a foodie blog right on top of Christmas, when you must all be feeling full of food. Soon I will show the content of my Christmas cracker. That should help the digestion! Have your thinking caps on ready because it's one of those 'what is it' objects.


  1. Your foodie shots are all
    mouth watering.. and I don't even like fish, but that dish looked

    Happy ( belated ) Anniversary..
    and a Happy Boxing Day..

  2. Belate Happy Anniversary congratulations to you both!

    Your Anniversary meal looks and sounds delicious.

    Happy Christmas Valerie. x

  3. Lovely looking food and A very hapy Anniversary :-)

  4. This all looks "delightful!" And Happy Anniversary!!

  5. Thanks everyone. It was a nice day. All food at that place is fab-u-lous. Had to cook today... bah! Kept it light though.

  6. First, Happy Belated Anniversary, Valerie!

    Second, OMG...New Hall looks so CHARMING! What a wonderful atmosphere! That's what I love about Europe, all that magnificent historical architecture.

    Your meal looked AMAZING. And the presentation is a work of art! I bet that dessert and cappuccino were delish!

    Thanks for sharing your day with us, dear lady.

    Happy Boxing Day!


    P.S. GREAT photos!

  7. Hi Ron, the New Hall and Moor Hall are my two favourite places to go. The excellence of the food at both venues never falters. I'm doing a slide show of Christmas Day pics. Watch this space.

  8. oh wow...looks liek a very cool place...and the food excellent as the mark on the coffee...happy anniversary!

  9. Your meals look wonderful and so does the venue. No wonder you were looking forward to it.

  10. Man, that looks like some fantastic grub! The wife and I also have a favorite restaurant where we like to celebrate key days of the year. And yes, they server our favorite dessert: Budino!

    Congrats on the anniversary!

  11. Happy Anniversary to you and your Guy! WOW what a spread!
    Looks like a very special evening for the very special couple.

    Congratulations to you both!

  12. Looks super! It's funny the way "New" anything is often old. Have you ever seen a "New Inn"? Maybe there was some kind of building boom in the 13th century! :)

  13. Brian, I too thought the coffee mark was great.... at least it was different.

    Herman, I'm curious about the Budino.

    Mel, thank you. It was a lovely occasion.

    Jenny, your remark about a 13th century building boom made me smile.

  14. Now look what you've done Valerie! I have to go and eat. Again!
    Happy New Year.

  15. Looks and sounds like a perfectly marvelous time out with your hubby. Happy 'belated' Anniversary!! Glad you enjoyed yourselves at such a neat place.

  16. Thanks, CrystalChick. We go to that place often because it's so nice.

  17. I'm getting hungry looking at all these wonderful food pics. Belated Happy Anniversary to the lovely couple!!!!


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