17 December 2011

Sunday Scene

This picture was taken last winter. The birds were after some pears that I'd thrown out a couple of minutes before.
The snow hasn't reached us yet but it is icy cold.


  1. it has finally turned cold here as snow though....not yet...

  2. I like your Header a lot! I see where we have 45 above here this morning. The weather ups and downs just never cease to amaze me.

  3. Okay...I'm thinkin' he seriously wants the pear and that other one's got a tussle on his hands!

    Cold--no snow but it's coming! Wooohooooo!!!!

  4. I have to say I hope we don't get much weather like that - pretty though it is. I went through a stage of loving the winter, and snow, and cold, and suddenly I realise that I am at least fifty percent a summer person! :) I was watching the BBC4 TV programme about churches tonight filmed in the height of summer and I felt so eager to be walking in green fields beneath green trees.....

    Oh well time to put another layer on.....

    I love your header photo by the way, with the ornaments and good wishes- thank you.

  5. Oh, Valerie, I just posted something about snow, and then I think I left the page (by mistake) without doing the captcha.

    There was a tiny film of ice on puddles today, melting almost as you looked at it, so I think the temperature in London must have been about hovering at freezing.

  6. What are those? Crows, or some other form of bird?

  7. HT, the birds are English Blackbirds. We don't get too many these days.

    Hi Jenny. Like you I used to like winter; preferred it, in fact. Not now though, I feel the cold more now I'm older. Thanks for your nice comment about the Christmas header.

    Mel, the blackbirds prefer pears to apples... they're a fussy lot.

    Brian, no snow here either... yet.

  8. Fabulous photo! It's getting colder here and I'm enjoying it. Might not feel the same come February though.
    I like the photo you have at the top of your blog.


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