27 December 2011

Christmas Day pics

I made a slideshow of Christmas Day scenes. Please excuse the spelling mistakes in it, unfortunately it is too late to correct them.

Then on Boxing Day I found another gift. It was a parcel received from Oz before Christmas and hidden away from my prying fingers. I had put it on a footstool that lives under my work table, unseen and away from temptation. Ooops! It remained unseen until Boxing Day but as my stepdaughter said 'it made an extra surprise'. How true. These are the four books that she knew I wanted.

Tomorrow I will show the novelty that was inside my Christmas cracker. It's the most unusual novelty I've ever seen. Can you wait a day?


Akelamalu said...

Loved the slide show and my word I bet you were stuffed after that Christmas lunch! :)

Brian Miller said...

ha i just learned of christmas crackers last year....books is a great present....

Star said...

Wonderful slide show and those presents! My goodness, you did do well. Very tasteful and chic. I really enjoyed sharing that day with you Valerie.

Mel said...

OH!! Those prezzies on the stool were a great Boxing Day surprise.

My goodness what a stash you have!

NOW I wanna know what was in the cracker!

Ron said...

What a beautiful slide show, Valerie! The music is lovely!

And what faaaaaabulous Christmas gifts you received! Lucky you - an iPad!!! Hey, I use to work for Guerlain, so I know that perfume very well. Great scent! Also, I'm familiar with your skincare products. Clarins and Elizabeth Arden have some of the best skincare on the market. Excellent choices!

Thanks for sharing your day, dear lady!

Thoroughly enjoyed!


Banker Chick said...

The lunch looked scrumptious. My Canadian sister-in-law brought the tradition of Crackers to her Christmas dinners, fun!

Valerie said...

Pearl, you're right ... I was FULL of food.

Brian, I thought everyone had crackers. I know now that they don't.

Star, thanks. It was a lovely day.

Mel, I do have rather a lot of books to read.... grins. Tomorrow's post will reveal all about the cracker.

Ron, I KNEW you'd be pleased with my choice of skin care products.
Glad you liked the music.

Banker's Chick. Hi there. Yes, crackers can be fun, that is if they work as they should... grins.

Denise said...

Great video and a wonderful post, thanks Valerie. Do you know I forgot to put out our Christmas Crackers this time?????

It's been a great 12 months of visiting your wonderful blog, and I look forward to more of the same in 2012.

Happy New Year!

CrystalChick said...

Delightful photos and most excellent gifts!
The Guerlain reminded me of my mom. She never really wore perfume but she had a bottle of Shalimar that sat on the dresser for years. Maybe she wore it before having children when she and my dad went out on the town?

I enjoyed reading The Help, saw the movie too.

Valerie said...

Oh dear, Denise, fancy forgetting the crackers.... grins. I agree, it has been a good year. I love meeting people in Blogland.

CrystalChick, I'm longing to start reading The Help, I've heard so much about it. I saw two in the shops with different covers. I've yet to find out if it's two different stories.

HermanTurnip said...

Argh! You promised to show us what was inside in an earlier post. Stop teasing us! Heh... :-)

Bernie said...

How lovely, I so enjoyed seeing all your photos, those books will be wonderful to read through the winter. Am slowly catching up on your Tuesday stories and oh my but it is good.....:-)Hugs

Valerie said...

Heehee today's the day, HT

septembermom said...

Delicious!!! And books are the best gift for me too :) Well, I do ask for peace often from my rambunctious ones here.