15 March 2012

Bits and Bobs

Recently life in my household became fraught when the main drain problem once more reared its ugly head. This is the third time and finally, hopefully, there will be a permanent solution. It transpired that apart from tree roots infiltrating the system there is also a broken pipe. Is it any wonder the matter wasn’t properly resolved on previous occasions?

Of all the things to ration water must be the worst. Frequently I found myself thinking of those people who don’t have water on tap. It doesn’t hurt to reflect and to realise how fortunate we are most of the time. Thankfully I did at least have water; it was getting rid of it that posed the problem.

Having to skimp on water is a pain when it comes to washing clothes but I have discovered that the local drycleaning/laundry outlet provides a fantastic service. I took a mixed load in and collected it next day, washed and dried and ready to put away. I have to say that the towels came back softer than I get them in my washing machine, probably because mine has a small drum so the washing doesn’t get tossed around so much. I haven’t worked out the difference in cost, but I know that running a washer, dryer, and iron, plus having to purchase soap and softener etc, is astronomical. The laundry bill was relatively cheap at £7 all done. I’m already stacking up the next load because the drain pipe won’t be replaced for a couple of weeks. Think of all the energy I’m saving.

Well, after the recent cold, foggy weather we're now promised rain. What I want is for the sun to emerge through the gloom. Me being a chilly soul, I need the sun to warm the house through. Besides I want to get out in the garden and see how my rough patch has fared over the winter months. I know by the blossom on the trees that things are moving out there. I did nip out the other day and grab a couple of fallen twigs from the cherry tree. In just a day of standing in a vase of water on the kitchen window sill the blossom started to show. This is another example of how vital water is because the blossom is nearly open and almost ready to be photographed. Blossom in the Kitchen ... doesn't that sound like the title of a book?

Pretty soon I shall be changing my comment facility from Blogger to Disqus. I have already done it on my WI blog and although no-one has actually commented yet I have been told that it seems quite easy to do. I know that because Ron changed over and I can leave comments on his blog AND receive comment notification by email which is important to me. I also like the fact that I can respond to comments directly from email without having to go back to a particular blog. I also believe (I could be wrong) that the system will remove a lot of spam that I’m getting on a daily basis. This morning deleted eleven spam emails and eight more that were directly filtered into the trash can.

Newcomers won’t need to give their email address if they don’t want to, they can simply sign on as a guest. In my opinion that’s so much nicer than going ‘anonymous’.

Ron will correct me if any of these points are wrong. I couldn't have gone down this route if he hadn't been kind enough to guide me through it. I really appreciate having his help. Thank you, Ron.

I hope my friends will enjoy using Disqus when I finally get it installed on this blog. I thought I would do it after the serialisation of Trust Not The Vow in case I lose a few folk. I sincerely hope that won’t be the case ‘cause I love you all.


  1. oh please val...i have is a beast to use and hard to get rid of if you ever want to remove does not work on older versions of IE as well...anyway that is my 2 cents...i hate it...i will still come see you but....ack...ha

    oy on the water problems...its one of those essentials we kinda take for granted even though so many go without...

  2. I am currently having water problems under the kitchen sink. We are going to the hardware store, because Mr BC thinks he can fix it.

  3. I can relate to your water problems...
    when we had those two horrendous hurricanes , we lost all power and water for a week each time... not a nice

    I will have to check in DISQUS.. never heard of it until you mentioned ...

    Using a laundry service would be wonderful.. once started I would not give it up..

    Have a great weekend Val.!!

  4. Brian, oh dear... what can I say?

    Faye, yes I think I will stick with the laundry idea.

    Banker Chick, i wish we could fix our undground pipe that easily.. Oh!

  5. To Brian, again. But I would only be using Disqus commenting facility... Wouldn't that be okay?

  6. Here's to spring Val, and an upturn in your fortunes.

  7. Thanks, Mister V. I'm hoping this sort of luck doesn't last the year. Oh well, I'll aim to think positively.

  8. " Frequently I found myself thinking of those people who don’t have water on tap. It doesn’t hurt to reflect and to realise how fortunate we are most of the time."

    You said it, Valerie! I'm constantly having water issues (having the water turned off for repairs) in the apartment building I live in because the pipes are so old. During those times, I think to myself, "How do the people with no tap water do it??"


    So glad to hear about your move over to Disqus. And yes, you're right on all points! You already know my feelings on using Disqus, and LOVE it! It's so much better than Bloggers commenting format - sooooo much better.

    Brian is right about it not working with older versions of IE, but with the newer versions of IE, Firefox, Safari, or Chrome, it works well. I've not had one of my readers complain about it. In fact, they love it!

    Looking forward to it, dear lady!

    Have a wonderful weekend!


  9. Hi Ron, I should be okay then with a new computer and everything on it. And I do operate on Chrome so it's a relief to know Disqus will work with it. In due course, I'll see how I get on. Fingers crossed.

  10. I'm fed up with the cold and damp too.
    I live with one cold tap, and that's OK by me.
    I have been messing about with my blog, trying to add another. Wish I'd left well alone!


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