28 March 2012

Jigsaw crazy

I have always been a jigsaw addict but problems with the neck put an end to the happy hours spent completing them. I would whiz through a thousand pieces in no time which meant I needed to move on to something more complicated. So I ended up solving puzzles without a guiding picture or those where you had to solve a written clue before the picture could be completed. I loved it. But, as I said, neck problems brought the whole thing to an end. However, not to be beaten, I have discovered jigsaws for iPad. It is my latest craze. They are naturally smaller, a mere 208 pieces, but I love doing them. Here are a few completed ones, I decided NOT to show them all...grins.

First up, a galloping horse, followed by a snow scene

And a couple of well knowns: Buckingham Palace and the Statue of Liberty


  1. Fantastic idea... I didn't know
    jigsaws were available for the ipad..
    haven't worked on one in years..
    I do like the crosswords on ipad..
    and WORD WELDER is a new app that is slightly different might like it.

    The weekend for me... hope yours
    is happy too !!!

  2. I'll look up crosswords for iPad, Faye. I have one on the phone but I get exasperated with having to switch pages to read clues/fill in grid. Word Welder sounds interesting. Have a good weekend.

  3. Glad to hear you can still pursue your hobby. :)

  4. Valerie, these are faaaaaaabulous!

    And being someone who does not own a cell phone, I had no idea you could actually get apps. for puzzles. Who knew?!?!

    I adore jigsaw puzzles too. In fact, I had a dear friend in Florida who she and I would get together sometimes in the evenings and do puzzles. The thing I enjoy about putting puzzles together is that it's almost meditative.

    I find them very calming.

    Happy Thursday, dear lady!


  5. I used to love doing jigsaws! For the iPad??? What will they think of next. I'll have to tell my daughter - she and her hubs each have an iPad. I may have to get one. I have a mini hp laptop, but don't like it much - plus it has to have the dreaded Norton Anti-Virus on it. I quit using it...might buy an iPad. LOL

  6. Pearl, I have to have something to do in the

    Mona, it is amazing what we can do with our technical gadgets. I bought a netbook for office use to save carting the laptop ... didn't get on with it at all. It's useless if a lot of typing is needed. I won't mention the dreaded Norton ... don't want to depress you.

    Oooh, Ron, I couldn't manage without my cell phone. You're right about the puzzles being meditative... I've solved the world's problems while doing mine - or so it seemed.

  7. Very nice pics Valerie. What is an ipad?

  8. I'm big on crosswords, but picture puzzles quickly lead me down the road to madness. You have a calmer constitution than I, that's for sure! Heh...

  9. That's awesome! Now I need to get an Ipad for sure. Enjoy Valerie!


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