24 March 2012


News that a colleague had skin cancer prompted me to post this again. I wrote it when I heard that another colleague was struck down. Sadly, she didn't live.


Picture sorting

Memories thrive

Times when courting

Happy … alive.

Happy couple

Hand in hand

Wading in

The sea and sand,

Sunrays, sunshine

Carefree fun

Crowded beach

Tan overdone.

Sunscreen reminder

Paid no heed

Soreness, sorrow

Regretful deed.

Specialist implored

‘Heed my advice’

He was ignored

Yet he said it twice.

Picture sorting

Memories thrive

Times when courting

Happy … alive.


CrystalChick said...

I'm sorry you've had more sad news. Good message in your writing. Some do take care, while others do not. My neighbor gets dark brown from sunning all season. She loves it. But she also goes to a dermatologist and has her whole body checked fairly regularly.

Montanagirl said...

Oh my - that is so sad ----but very true. I had some terrible sunburns as a kid - hope that doesn't come back to bite me. I get an annual "full-body" check-up every year, sometimes twice a year - I avoid the sun at all costs, even though I love it, and I ALWAYS ALWAYS wear sunscreen: Lots of it.

Brian Miller said...

i am sorry for your colleague...ugh it just keeps taking more and more...

Ron said...

Excellent share, Valerie!

Sorry to hear about your colleague. I use to work with a woman in Florida who also had skin cancer, and sadly she didn't live either. She was so young!

When I think back on all those years I lived in Florida and BAKED in the sun for hours without a sunscreen, I shudder.

Enjoy your weekend, dear lady.


Valerie said...

Thanks, Brian, it pays to take sensible precautions.

Mona, I agree with you. I have such a fair skin I would suffer if I didn't use plenty of sun cream. Mind you, these days I don't stay out in the sun.

Thanks, CrystalChick. it's bad I know but I don't anyone here who goes for dermatology tests.

Valerie said...

Ron, the pigment in your skin must be the sturdy variety. Wish we were all like that.

Star said...

It's a terrible thing isn't it. My dh has been a sufferer. Living in a hot, sunny place has its downside. Apparently English women have to be careful with their legs because that part is most often exposed to the sun.

faye said...

Use to always stay tanned.. but now I
am more inclined to skip the sun and enjoy the air conditioning.

Barbara said...

Hi Valerie,

This is very sad news. May your beautiful poem serve not only as a memory of your colleague but a reminder for everyone reading to take heed.

Have a nice Sunday.

Valerie said...

Hi Barbara, nice to meet you. You're right, giving reminders is all we can do.

Valerie said...

Star,yes, particularly the backs of legs. I knew at an early age that I shouldn't sunbathe because I would always look like a lobster afterwards.

A man called Valance said...

Sad but true, Val.

HermanTurnip said...

Brought a sad smile to my face. *Very* well done...*sniff!*