01 March 2012

Got a Mentiion...

Yours truly was dead chuffed to get a mention in this month's WI Life, that's the WIs subscription magazine. It came under the heading 'Maybe it's time you started a blog' and included a picture of the blog when the canoeist picture was used as a header. The article was written by freelance writer Emily Carlisle who said she thought my post 'The day I left home' was moving and entertaining. She said I had chosen the Isle of Man as my destination because of 'romantic ideas about sunshine and sailors'. Oooh although I used those words it wasn't how I really saw it but, never mind, her words made good copy. The article she referred to can be found here.'

Also in the magazine was an article about decluttering, wardrobes in particular. It reminded me of the days when my WI devoted a couple of hours to a clothes sale. As an extra activity it was very well attended. It was also great fun. I remember one of the ladies doing a turn in someone's frock. She had us in stitches with laughter. I think we should do that again since my wardrobe definitely needs thinning out.

Ending with a couple of ... whatever you'd like to call them.

Hearing their three year old son crying very loud, his parents rushed into the room to see what was wrong. The boy had swallowed a penny and was convinced he was going to die. Nothing his parents could say would convince him otherwise. Finally, the Father palmed a penny, rubbed his son’s stomach and pretended to pull the penny out of his ear. The little lad started smiling when he saw the penny, though he quickly snatched it out of his Father’s hand, swallowed it, and said ‘Do it again, Dad!’


‘What did your mother do yesterday morning, Tess?’

‘She done her shopping, Miss.’

‘Done her shopping, Tess? Where’s your grammar?’

‘She done her shopping as well, Miss


  1. *laughing*

    So much so I almost forgot to congratulate you on the magazine mention!


    I love a good one--and the penny did it for me!

  2. Val, you are truly delightful! LOVE your blog, and your writings.

  3. ha thanks for the chuckles...and congrats on the fame when can i get an autograph...smiles..

  4. That's okay, Mel... thanks.

    Thank you, Mona, now you've made me blush.

    You'll have to join the queue, Brian... grins

  5. *three loud cheers*

    A HUGE congrats on being mentioned in the magazine, Valerie!!!! And yes, I do remember reading that post back in June and LOVING it! And I'm not at all surprised that it was selected because you are truly such a wonderful writer. And I REALLY mean that!

    "The little lad started smiling when he saw the penny, though he quickly snatched it out of his Father’s hand, swallowed it, and said ‘Do it again, Dad!’ "

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! OMG, that made me HOWL. How cute!!!

    Have a wonderful weekend, dear lady!

    And again, congrats!


  6. You are so kind, Ron. I suppose a real life story does have that bit extra. I'll have to do some

  7. Congrats... on the Magazine mention and
    on your new computer... I changed to Windows 7 when it first appeared and I love it... once you get acclimated you will too !!

    Have a super weekend !!

  8. Well good for you, Val, and congrats too. Extremely cool to be associated with such a famous blogger. I love the penny story. I can totally imagine Kyle saying something like that.

  9. Romantic ideas about sunshine and sailors, huh? OK Val. My lips are sealed. Your secret is safe with me. Promise.


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