20 January 2014

Babbling on.....


Okay, I’ve given Bloglovin’ a fair trial and will stick with it until such time as it lets me down in a major way. So far so good except for a few blogs that I cannot comment on through this medium. How frustrating is that? It means having to go back to the old blog roll to load the page and to leave a comment which means frequent switching from one tab to another. However, a system has been devised. All those lovely bloggers who I can’t reach through Blogger or Bloglovin' are now listed on a special bookmark bar, and tuff cookie to Bloglovin’!


... is doing well. Apart from feeling tired and a bit weak in the body, he hasn’t suffered any of the expected after-effects. He’s finished the first of four programmes so I expect the rest to be straightforward. Sue me if I’m wrong! However, he will be having a further operation (full anaesthetic) sometime in March to remove a stent and widen the neck of the bladder. I’m thinking this could be of great benefit and maybe a BIG improvement on the way the body functions.


Enjoying the presidency? Hard to say at this early stage but it’s not the same feeling as when I became County Chair. At that time I was in disbelieving mode for several weeks, a sort of ‘this -can’t-be-happening-to-me’ sort of thing. But that was a long time ago, I must move on. I acquired a mountain of paperwork that needed sorting so the ex-President and I got together to do just that. We had a morning session to ‘go through things’ and I have to say it was great. We reminisced and laughed a lot as different papers were unearthed that spoke of happy times long forgotten. Yes, it was good!


NO, not that sort! I mean new drapes at my office window. Note the word ‘office’. It was an ordinary room until I commandeered it for craftwork and typing and other well known purposes like blogging. It’s a cosy room and when it feels inclined the sun shines brightly. This, of course, raises the desire for occupancy. The curtains play a big part, especially at night when privacy from the outside world is required. On the right is a picture of the old ones, I’ll take a pic of the replacements when they arrive. I absolutely love the oldies, they are so spring-like, but they have to go. Why? Because the curtain-hook style tracking is giving up the ghost and we can't adapt the curtains. We decided on poles and eyelets to make things easier for little ol’ me and that meant new drapes.  It will be marvellous not having to struggle with the opening and closing morning and night.


  1. I have a feeling more people will be moving away from Blogger. I'm not ready to do that yet but am thinking about it. This morning when I logged in the display of the comments had been changed - for the worse!

    I haven't been following you long enough to know anything about your family but you are such a nice lady I hope all works out for the best for you.

    I've been a single guy for so long and lived in the woods (no neighbors) that curtains have long since disappeared from my house. They are a pain. Blinds are okay.

  2. Glad to hear Joe is doing well and I hope his surgery is successful. Nice curtains Valerie. :)

  3. David, I'm not ready to move yet. I looked at Wordpress and decided to stay where I was, at least for the time being.

    Thank you for your kind words.

  4. Thanks Pearl. Oooh I'm hoping the new curtains grab me as much as the old ones.

  5. It's good to hear that himself is doing okay with the chemo...and lets hope the surgery gives the fella some help that his body obviously needs.
    Congratulations on all that stuff that comes with a presidency...and it's good to have some chuckles when there's a changing of hands, for everyone involved.
    Funny you mentioned curtains. I've been staring at mine and sighing. LOL...obviously time for a change--I intend to have fun with that one.

  6. Glad to hear Joe is handling things okay. I wish him the best. I have vertical blinds on our LR window, DR glass doors, and in the upstairs bathroom and one bedroom. LOVE THEM!!

  7. your new drapes are nice...i hope joe's operation goes well as well and we/he keeps moving forward...

    you know i still use the dashboard to keep up with blogs...have never made a switch...

  8. Ah Mel, I can imagine the fun you intend to have with the curtains .... :O)

  9. I only use Bloglovin' as blog directory, but don't use it as a way of keeping up with my feeds. I do notice, however, that it's slower to update than Feedly.

    Sooooooooooo glad to hear everything is going well with Joe. My thoughts and prayers are always with him. And you as well!

    Looking forward to seeing your new curtains. And I must say, the present ones are just lovely!

    Have a wonderful Monday and week, dear lady!

    X to you and Joe!

  10. Hi Ron. All this messing about is so frustrating. My latest moan is the Google update, bringing with something called MySearch something or other. I just cannot get rid of it. Damn, damn and more damns!

  11. Glad Joe is going well! It is good you have a cosy hide away. Will be good to get your new curtains.

  12. I quite like the idea of having flowery curtains; it's a better improvement from the sombre grey ones I own at the moment. :P


  13. You scared me with the curtains bit! :-) It's nice to hear that Joe's doing well. Many thanks.

    Greetings from London.

  14. I love the chintz curtains. Could they adapt to this type of curtain ring, maybe?

  15. Here's to Joe! (you can't see it but I'm tipping my glass of ale in his direction)

    And it funny how any room in the house can instantly be label "the office" when you commandeer it for purposes other than sleeping. :-)

  16. Yes, Herman, I noted the tipped glass... smiles.

  17. Glad to hear the update on Joe, please give him a hug from me and tell him I wish him well. Hug for you too of course. Good start to your Presidency Madam President ;). That's lovely! Blogger seems to be having quite a few complaints lately. I have noticed it isn't as smooth going as it once was. I look forward to seeing your new curtains.


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