06 January 2014


Further to my rather bold statement that I was back on line, this is to say that we were booted off again through a breakdown in broadband facilities. So in a gap of perhaps two seconds I'm popping a note on to explain my absence. Missing/missed you all like mad. SOB!

For your entertainment here's a picture my daughter sent from Australia, apparently it is one of many strange but unique walkways in Melbourne. Hmmm I often wonder what to do with my old shoes!


  1. Oh dear....It's rather inconvenient to be without the internet around here. And obviously it's the same for around there. Nobody likes it!
    NOT that we can't 'get by', but so much is done online nowadays. And that's not mentioning the connections, inter-personally.

    What an awesome street with the shoes. I wonder if they're lit for nighttime. THAT'D be awesome!!

  2. Glad to hear you're back online Valerie and a Happy New Year to you!

  3. " this is to say that we were booted off again through a breakdown in broadband facilities."

    OMG Valerie, I know how frustrating that is, believe me. As I shared, that's happened to me too. I would get my connection restored, and then a half hour later, I would be kicked off again.

    GREAT photograph from your daughter. LOVE the SHOES!!!!!

    Here's hoping that you get your Internet connection restored - and permanently.

    X to you and Joe!

  4. Really good to see you back. To answer your question: You haven't missed much on my blog, but if you like you can see past posts in my blog archive on the right column, when you open up the blog. Take care!

    Mersad Donko Photography

  5. Pearl, I'm glad to be back and hoping it stays that way.

    Ron, the photograph took me by surprise. Who would think of stringing shoes up to high wires... Hmmm maybe the fashion will catch on.

    Mersad, thank you for answering the question. Now that I'm (hopefully) back I can browse through your pictures.

  6. Mel, who would have thought we would become so dependent on the internet?


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