10 January 2014

Read what he says.....

What can I say? 
I feel SO connected to caring people.
Thank you all, once again.



  1. happy friday joe.

    i hope you have a great weekend

  2. You've got a lovely smile Joe. You and Valerie are wonderful people. Happy weekend to you and sending another hug for both of you. Denise x

  3. That's really sweet. I wish you the very best, Joe.

  4. And thank YOU, Joe!

    Because you're an inspiration to us all!

    Have a super weekend!

    X to you and Valerie!

  5. All the best to both of you Valerie. Keep strong :)

  6. Lovely response, Joe, and a lovely smile you have!

  7. Best wishes Joe, and hang in there. We are all pulling for you to get better. And you take care too Val.

  8. Happy weekend--here's hoping it's one of relative ease for you and for the missus.

    Bird watching, bit of online surfing (G-d willing and the internet deal is fixed! BETTER BE!!!!!)...and just some peace filled relaxation after all the stressors you two have gotten to deal in.
    That's my wish for you both--a spot of peace this weekend!
    And a good cuppa tea. ;-)


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