07 January 2014

THE WEEK AHEAD and a bit about the weather


Whilst waiting for the engineer to come to inspect the state of our internet connection, I am mentally preparing for the rest of the week.

Tomorrow Joe start’s his chemotherapy and whilst I don’t have to go through it I still suffer from anxiety on his behalf. I suppose it’s the unknown that gets to me, not knowing how he will respond or feel or cope with each new development. The thing to do is to deal with each one as it comes.

Thursday’s meeting at my WI will be nerve-racking since that’s when the hitherto missed election takes place. Although I have accepted the nomination for President it doesn’t follow that I will get enough votes to take on the role. I’m not sure how I feel about that, but I’m a big girl now so if I’m disappointed I won’t show it... grins.


Does anyone know why sidebars on some blogs vibrate? At least three blogging friends have quivering sidebars although I suspect they don’t know it. It’s quite difficult to concentrate on a blogger’s latest post when the sidebar is doing a wobbly. Do tell if you have any ideas on this one.

A flooded area in Upton-on-Severn,

The winter snow hasn't arrived in my part of the world but I guess there’s plenty of time yet. The British Isles has had awful storms and floods but living in the Middle of the country (thankfully) means we don’t have it too bad. I always thought it would be nice to live by the sea or even a river but when I hear of the tragedies people suffer because of where they live I’m thankful I am surrounded by houses... plus living on a hill! Goodness me, I never thought I’d actually say that. 

Christmas was terrible for many people who were forced out of their ruined homes. My heart goes out to them. I just cannot imagine how they are coping in such dire circumstances. I mean, where would you start to rebuild not just your house but your life?

Oh well, that’s enough chat. I’ll just go and glue my nose to the window in eager anticipation that the engineer will soon be here. Anytime between 8 and 1 they said.... he's got another 90 minutes to get here!


  1. i hope the chemo goes with the election...maybe you will be pleasantly surprised....and if not oh well you know....there is always next time...yikes that bench is almost gone....its bitter cold here...the temp is at 1 and the wind chill at -24....

  2. Hi Valerie,

    I will be thinking if you this week with the start of Joe's chemotherapy and your possible election. I love your attitude to both ~ great advice.

    About the wobbling sidebars ~ it could be a number of things ~ possibly your browser, their blogging platforms and the compatibility of both. I helped someone else another time track down a problem she was having with things in her sidebar, so if you want to email me the three blogs I will have a look and see if I have the same problem with different browsers. What Internet browser do you use. Do you know how up to date it is. Anyway, if you want me to help ~ just email me at and we can work it out vi email.

  3. We are having the fridged weather here. I hope the chemo is well tolerated and I will be thinking about you today. I am one of those quivering side bars and have been thinking of rearranging my blog page. It started when I was out in CA. I also have some quivers on other pages???

  4. Thanks, Brian, on both counts. Gosh, -23 is COLD. We had to work it out, going back in memory to the days when were Fahrenheit instead of Celsius. Yes, it was COLD.

    BC, do you actually see the quivering? I wondered if it was just the visitors who saw it.

  5. My pray are with you and Joe. I believe it is harder to see someone we love go through hard things then going through them ourselves.

    It is -18 Celsius here in Western North Carolina. I do not know the temperature with the wind chill. I can not see how the in the Midwest live with these temperature each year.

  6. Thoughts and prayers for you and Joe as you begin the journey down the chemo path. Stay positive..

    I am sure you will take the election outcome in stride.. still I will be cheering for you.

    Love the wobbly comment..

    Hoping you didn't have to keep your nose pressed to the glass too long...

    cheers !!

  7. I'll be thinking of you both tomorrow. Good luck on the election but if you don't win it's their loss. Terrible weather all over and I do feel for people who have suffered because of it. It is 6 deg F. right now and I am well aware that others have it worse off. I've noticed one or two blogs who have the quivering, and do hope I'm not one of those as I don't see it myself.

  8. Glad the rain/floods have past you by :-)

  9. "I still suffer from anxiety on his behalf. I suppose it’s the unknown that gets to me, not knowing how he will respond or feel or cope with each new development."

    You're so right, Valerie, it's unknown that's gets to us - the waiting to see.

    Just know that I'm always thinking of you and Joe in my meditations and sharing MUCH good energy with you both.

    ((((((((( You & Joe )))))))))

    And hey, I think it's awesome that you've accepted the nomination for President! And as Brian shared, you may be pleasantly surprised!

    You GO, girl!

    I've never seen the quivering sidebars you speak of. But if you spot it on my blog, please let me know, okay?

    Today (here in Philly) it was 3 degrees. It was so cold that I could even open one of my windows because it was frozen shut. However, by the end of the week into next, our temps. go back up into the 40's and 50's.

    Hope the engineer showed up!


  10. If I could give you my strenght to get through everything thats coming up for you and your husband I would. I wish you all the best and I'm hoping for a positive outcome of this whole situation. All the best from me!

  11. Living on a hill is the best place to be unless your country has a lot of high winds. I hope your husband responds positively with the chemo and both of you keep strong through the experience. Take care and I hope the engineer shows up.

  12. I hope Joe's chemo goes okay for him. I'll be thinking of you guys. I don't really know why sidebars quiver. Weird.

  13. Minus 24 windchill...pfftt....we were at -54°F. I think I minght be ready for spring now! LOL

    Yup, a day at a time...cuz what's true for day 1 won't be true for day 3 or 4. Chemo tends to accumulate, building up in the body so it can do it's job. I try to remember that as the treatments's just doing it's job. So hang in there and just take it a day at a time. A good day is a reason to celebrate...and a sloppy day--it's doing its job, yaknow.
    That potential election loss might be exactly what needs to happen, Valerie. What, you don't have your hands full enough with all the "stuff" going on with the hubby? LOL. Either's all good, win or lose. It'll either be a distraction or a bit of squiggle room. So it's all good, yes?
    Seriously....I'm a praying kinda gal and both of you are being prayed for. Not the easiest of times, but you'll get through it with a bit of help from your friends.
    *sending prayers and hugs*

  14. It's important to keep Joe comfortable during his chemotherapy. Have the doctors suggested anything along this vein?

  15. Hi Carol, I've made a note to contact you re the wobbly sidebars just as soon as I can. However, note that Banker Chick has said she sees her own sidebars quivering. That was one of the blogs where I'd seen it happen.

  16. Dan, thank you for your kind thoughts and prayers. I have read further reports about the UK freeze, it sounds dire.

    Denise, thank you for your kind thoughts and good luck coping with your weather. Let's hope it stays reasonably mild. About the wobbly sidebar.... no, your blog is fine.

  17. Ron, thank you so much for your support. Believe me, it is treasured. My reason for going for the presidency is to stabilise things with the inner soul, if you know what I mean. I have been advised by nurses and others that I have to adopt a normal attitude at this time, and do things outside the home whenever possible. Joe comes first, naturally, but carers (apparently) need stimulation.

    Re your blog's sidebar, it is really quite stationary... haha.

    I hope your weather conditions don't get as bad as other US areas. I don't know how people cope in such harsh conditions. I'm sure I would flake out!

  18. Mersad, how kind you are. Thank you so much for your good wishes, they are appreciated.

  19. Mel, OMG that's COLD! Honestly, I couldn't cope with it. Yes, I've heard that each day is different with chemo and we've had lots of warnings/information from the hospital. We will take it a day at a time, that's a promise.

    Fortunately there wouldn't be too much overload if I got the presidency. Everything is quite smooth running.

  20. Hi Larry. Thank you for your good wishes. The arrival of the engineer removed the consternation about the internet so that's good for keeping the mind sane... smiles.

  21. Herman, we have loads of info about the chemo and the possible side effects. I think we are more or less prepared for it now but who knows what tomorrow will bring!

  22. I wish you both well and this new year will be memorable and filled with the things you want and need including happiness and a bit of prosperity. Fame and fortune might tempt but your better judgement will prevail.

  23. BTW I can see the quivering on my blog....It does not do it when I am doing a new post, only when I look at my blog home page.

  24. Funny you are having internet issues too, it's the same thing here in Interior BC, it's going on and off, with all the ice and rain we are having. I think the mountains have something to do with it too, not as strong a signal as open areas.

    Blogger is acting wonky lately, that's for sure. WP at times too. Maybe some hackers having a bit of fun? Who knows. But free is free, right? ;>)

    I hope your week went well Valerie and good to see your husband is in good spirits too.

    Take care, G

  25. Hi Valerie ~ glad to read about your election and Joe's chemo. Seems like there are a lot of odd problems with Google at the moment.


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