22 January 2014



Robbie was drunk! Quite impossibly so.
And he stood with his key in his hand.
Then he looked for the key-hole and found it was there!
He'd found his way home as he'd planned.
But the key wouldn't fit or the hole was too small!
He was mumbling and fumbling away
When Constable Smith who was out on patrol
Just happened to come round that way.
Robbie looked quite suspicious, of that there's no doubt,
With his brain full of holes like a sieve,
And Constable Smith spoke quite firmly to him.....
'Are you certain it's here that you live?'
'Of course I live here! Have a go with my key
And you'll see for yourself that it fits!'
Said Robbie, who though he was feeling quite rough,
Was still in control of his wits.
Sure enough when the Constable tried-out the key
It fitted the door to perfection.
So 'Come in!' said Robbie, quite pleased with himself,
'I'm sure that you'd like an inspection!
See, this is my table, and this is my chair;
My kitchen is just through that door!
That photo up there is my old Auntie Flo.
And, upstairs, I can show you much more!'
When they got to the bedroom the policeman exclaimed
'Well, Robbie, now who might that be
In bed with your wife?' Robbie thought for a bit
And said 'Well I never! It's ME!'


  1. I laughed! Very good. I'm usually not much of a fan of poetry that doesn't rhyme but there are exceptions and this is one of them.

    Thanks for the fun. :)

  2. Thanks David, I'm glad it made you laugh. I prefer rhyming poetry, that's why I liked this one.

  3. ha. well it better be or there might be some trouble one way or another...smiles. thanks for the chuckle this morning val

  4. Bwhahahhahahahaha!

    Hilarious, Valerie! Thanks for the grrrreat Wednesday morning laugh!

    X to you and Joe!

  5. ROFL! You are just too funny. Loved this.

  6. Glad you liked it, Pearl.

    You're welcome, Brian.

  7. Ron, I hope it put you in a good humour to face the day with.

  8. A good chuckle Valerie, thanks for that.

  9. *snickering* Just as chuckle worthy at the end of the day! Thanks for that.

  10. Heh...I had to read that one twice it was so nice. It tripped over my tongue like desert. Fantastic job on this piece!


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