25 July 2013

Bits and Bobs

Parking the car was no problem this morning. There was a distinct lack of vehicles so I guess the intense heat was keeping everyone away. As always I needed to use the lift to get out of the car park and was joined by an elderly lady in a wheelchair and her daughter.
‘Lovely Day’ said the daughter, ‘but I am NOT moaning.’

She was on her own then, because everyone else was complaining about the heat. I could see what she meant, since we’re a nation of moaners. We grumble if it’s cold, we whinge if it’s wet, and, yes, we whine if it’s hot. There’s no pleasing some folk, me included.

The lift arrived at the ground floor and together we made our way out. The old lady spoke for the first time. I've got that skirt,' she told me, alluding to the one I was wearing (see pic for design).

She went on to tell me that she didn’t like it.  

Hmm ... mine or hers?

Quick as a flash I told her I had a matching top and I didn’t like that either.

‘Oh, I like the top, it’s the skirt I can’t stand.’

Note to self: wear a coat in future!

The old dear wasn’t being nasty, but her remarks had her daughter and me in stitches. When we parted company, the daughter said how much she’d enjoyed meeting me. Our brief and somewhat unusual conversation must have lifted our spirits because I felt the same way.
The fox has started leaving presents again. The other day I found a knitted toy, some kind of multicoloured animal, together with a ripped plastic bag in which some kind neighbour had inserted an opened tin of food. Obviously it was something they didn’t like so threw the whole lot out for the refuse men to collect. Anyway, foxy must have caught a whiff because he dragged the bag into our garden and left it there.

He was probably put off by having to get through the plastic bag, or perhaps he had a yen to play with the toy, or maybe he was disturbed in the process. I found it when I went out to feed the birds. Donning rubber gloves (well, you never know, do you?) I gathered it all together. Unfortunately, in the process the contents of the tin fell onto the grass. Oh *** it, I thought, I’ll leave it there and see what happens and then I went away to put the bag and tin in the rubbish bin where it belonged. Heehee HhEEI don’t know which house it came from otherwise I would have handed it back. Checking the wild patch the next day I noticed that all the food had gone.

Should I count that as doing my good deed for the day?

Last evening I witnessed an exciting punch-up between a magpie and a squirrel. The bird was attacking the squirrel who was eating all the nuts. When I say attacking, I mean ATTACKING. He flew into the air and dive-bombed the squirrel several times, but each time the little rodent simply flicked his tail at the bird and went on eating. I wasn’t sure whose side I was Naturally I tried to get pictures but this is all I could manage.

Finally, I thought you might like to see what else I found in the wild patch today. 
Aren’t they lovely?

Have a nice day, folks.
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  1. A nice varied post Valerie. Watching wildlife is always fascinating. Yesterday I spent ages watching a squirrel eating nuts from the supposedly squirrel proof feeder in a neighbours garden! Foxes are awful things though if you have chickens or other fowl. And magpies are born killers....... oh, it's a scary world out there in the garden! :D

  2. I wish I had my own garden to sit in an enjoy watching nature. One day, I will have that garden when I get my own house. I enjoyed your pictures, Thanks for sharing.

  3. Squirrel 1 - Magpie - 0
    Go Mr. Squirrel!! LOL. I adore patio time and you captured why, well!
    Oh, and bless the folks who lighten our day. :-)

  4. I once witnessed two magpies ganging up on my dog trying to relieve him of his bone - he won! ;)

  5. Sorry meant to write my dog won! LOL

  6. Pearl, I am so pleased you clarified your comment.... I was worried about your dog for a minute :0)

  7. smiles....a cool bit of adventure for the day eh? its cool that you have the fox...though sorry about the mess...yes, food doesnt last long out there...we toos scraps toward the end of our yard for our animal friends....on the front deck today the hummingbirds keep coming up and hovering checking me out...smiles....

  8. Great nature punch up pics. The pigeon had a birds eye view from the bath! No doubt hoping for the nuts when the others retired hurt.

  9. Mel, love the Yes, we both know what we like from the patio view.

    Brian, I'd give a lot to have hummingbirds check me out...smiles.

    Joe, ever the commedian! Great comment.

    Dan. One day, maybe soon... keep praying.

  10. Jenny, I lost the battle with squirrels but only after trying everything I could to outwit them.

  11. Rosanne said
    Love the dive bombing magpie... Great photos with your lovely camera.
    Also nice to read your aerial 3 story lol xx

  12. You are so lucky to have a garden of ur sounds so exciting that foxes, squirrels, birds come and visit u..and nice pics clicked during action..

  13. "‘Oh, I like the top, it’s the skirt I can’t stand.’

    Note to self: wear a coat in future!"

    Bwhahahahahaha! Valerie, that CRACKED ME UP!!! You are too funny!

    Loved catching up with Mr. Fox. He is so cute!

    Also, the photos you captured of the bird and squirrel in your backyard are faaaaaaaabulous! Way to go, dear lady! Love the one you caught of the bird in flight.

    Sometimes when I'm sitting in the park, I will watch how the birds will often try to attack the squirrels. And it's so funny because sometimes (if it's a timid squirrel) it will RUN away from the birds. It's SO cute to watch!

    Loved your Note For The Day!

    Have a lovely day, Valerie!


  14. Thanks, Rosanne. It was a lucky shot getting the dive-bombing magpie. Glad you liked the Ariel story. I still relive that episode in my life... grins.

  15. Hi Ranita. I am lucky to have a garden and really do appreciate it.

  16. Good afternoon, Ron. I think our 'personal' squirrel has learned the hard way to stand up to the magpies. It was interesting to watch the attempted onslaught and the almost half-soaked way the squirrel rebuffed him.

  17. I miss the animals we had visiting our previous house. Now we get neighborhood cats with fleas. More on that another time...

  18. Loved this post, Valerie. Your blooms are beautiful. Keep snapping with that camera! I enjoy seeing what you're up to!

  19. I enjoyed your bits and bobs Valerie, your conversation in the lift brought a big smile. Isn't it funny how brief encounters with strangers can make you smile. It can turn an iffy day into a good one sometimes. Loved all the critter pics and the flowers were a lovely find.

  20. That's a fantastic action shot you got there! You must have lightning-quick reflexes and an awesome camera to have caught that.

    And a fox in your yard? Wow. I'm a bit removed from the county and can't imagine having a visitor like a fox. The closest we might get is a stray cat...

  21. Herman, the camera was already in action. I kept taking shots in the hope that at least one would turn out :o)

  22. Hi Susan, we get the neighbourhood cats... not sure about the fleas, though.

  23. Loved the post Val. I would love to be able to enjoy the backyard animal antics you have going as it seems quite enjoyable. We are having quite the heat wave here as well but I am not complaining. =) Have a great weekend, Val.

  24. Love the shot of the magpie diving around the squirrel. I could use a few
    magpies to get rid of these obnoxious and destructive squirrels.

    Terrific post.. nice to hear about your day !

  25. I've never seen a fox around here but my husband said that they are nearby.
    Wonderful photo of birds and squirrel.
    That's a lovely flower.


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