05 November 2013

This and that, and a bit about coffee!

Rosanne and Frank 
My stepdaughter and new Italian/Australian stepson-in-law
Their wedding took place in the middle of the night on 3rd November ... my night, that is. It didn't stop me from being in Australia in spirit since I was awake most of the time, sending email at what I thought were appropriate moments... before the ceremony, naturally. Rosanne started it by sending pictures of the flowers and having her hair done and how she looked when ready to be escorted to the church. 

Joe was over the disappointment of not attending the wedding since he had a lot to contend with health-wise. Unfortunately, again health-wise, it wasn't a good night for him. The next hospital appointment for us is 7 November when we are due to see the Radiologist. I thought it was for a consultation about the proposed procedure but we've been told to allow two hours for the appointment. Hmm that will be either a long talk or a long wait. 

Waste not, want not. Yes, I’m still at it, much to the surprise of Paola, my 39 year old cleaning lady, when she caught sight of me draining an apparently empty bottle of liquid soap into a new one. I’m sure she thought I was quite mad when I explained that it was something I always do. ‘Don’t know how you've got the patience’, she said, but didn’t stop to hear my reply; well, she did have work to do. Considering the nation and the people in it are hard up I’m surprised at the lack of inventive ideas for saving a few pence. After all, a few coppers here and there really mount up. I suppose I got my training the hard way, i.e.  the aftermath of war years and a period of wage freezes in the 70’s.

A week ago we went out for our usual carvery lunch at a pub in Sutton Park. There was a party alongside our table, a celebration of a lady’s 70th birthday, complete with children and grandchildren. A young girl, I suspect not yet a teenager, made the birthday cake which was displayed with pride. And quite right too, it was a beautiful piece of work. 

Two enormous birthday balloons in glittery gold were attached to their table, one in the shape of a 7 and the other an 0. As they waved wildly I prayed one wouldn’t burst and land on my roast pork. The young children had their iPads to play with so I don’t think they cared about the balloons. Actually, one little lad was playing a game that fascinated me although I tried really hard not to appear interested. I did keep sneaking a peek though to see how he was getting on. I would have loved to take over.

Hands up, who likes Floater Coffee? Yes, so do I. In fact floater coffee has become a must have when my friend Judy and I go out to lunch. She takes her coffee with sugar and I don’t and thereby hangs the problem. One with and one without, we order. ‘Oh no,’ comes the reply, ‘you can’t have floater coffee without sugar.’ Now according to the so-called experts, it is the sugar that makes the cream float. So why is it that it varies from establishment to establishment? Take our recent visit as an example. One with and without was ordered. Again the ‘Oh no’ response came, complete with explanation about the necessity to have sugar to enable cream to float. I gave up and told the waitress to bring it ‘as it comes’. She did. My coffee arrived with sugarless coffee and a sugar lump in the saucer. Judy and I compared coffees ... both had floating cream! Later I looked it up on the Net and found plenty of ideas, including this one 

What if you don’t take sugar? I have worked in a restaurant and I used to make them without sugar all the time. It’s how you pour the cream.

So now I know!
A recent item in a newspaper read like this:

Are disabled people invisible again? In London in 2012 disabled people were suddenly in the spotlight during the Paralympics. But a year on, have they gone back to being invisible?

Of course they’ve gone back to being invisible. That’s not to say we’ve stopped thinking about them or helping where we can. Obviously competing Paralympians were brought to our attention through television, radio, and the printed press and once over they disappear from view, but there are people out there who care about and for those same people. There is room for growth in the community with regard to facilities for the disabled but we haven’t suddenly pushed our disabled friends into the background never to be thought of again. I resent the implication that we don’t care.


  1. I hope everything will be ok on November 7th and that your husband feels better soon. I have never tried that type of coffee, but then again, I'm not a coffee person. :)

    Take care!

  2. I am glad you managed to participate in the wedding from afar, and I hope that all goes well on the 7th. I went to a party recently in which a teenager had made a lovely cake for her granny - remarkably professional. She is looking for a job in Pret but I think she might have a chance training to be a chef.

  3. Must admit I know nothing about floater coffee. I drink black plunger coffee! I admire the fighting spirit of paralympians! A most interesting post, Val!

  4. Mersad, I used to be a coffee addict but now I only have a floater when we dine out. Thank you for your good wishes.

  5. Lovely wedding photos ~ congratulations to your step daughter and new husband. I hope your husband's treatment goes well. Thank you for sharing your bits and bobs for the week :)

  6. Oh, she's lovely. And she looks extremely happy on her wedding day. It's good you two got to exchange some emails with her before the actual ceremony. Mazel Tov to the new bride and groom!

    I now will have my eye out for floater coffee--and if they don't make it, will demand they learn. LOL Looks pretty......and FUN! And I'm allll about my coffee.

    Yup--that's a bit of time for a consult. I'm hopeful that means they'll be thorough in explaining themselves and the process that they're proposing. I'm also hopeful that Joe will have an easier go of it--cuz it sucks to feel crappy all the time. I'll cross my fingers and send prayers. Better day, less 'ick' and happy moments for the him and for you would be good.
    Hang in there!

  7. I hope all goes well November 7th. I've found a way to save money: several years ago, out of curiosity, when I thought a bottle (or tube) of my favorite lotion was empty, as it didn't pump anymore out, I cut the bottle in half about a fourth of the way up from bottom. Lo and behold, there was at least a quarter cup of the good stuff still at the bottom - but the pumper tube was way too short to reach it. I'll do the same when a tube of lotion won't give forth any more lotion - I cut it off, and there's always plenty still in there.

  8. ok so what is floater coffee....considering i love coffee i feel i am missing out...i am a straight black coffee though so sugar is never an issue....smiles...its too bad someone did not stream a video of the wedding to you all...that would be cool...

  9. Valerie, I so enjoy these This and That posts!

    Loved what you and your daughter did (via email) prior to the ceremony. What a great idea! Wonderful photos of she and her husband.

    I've never heard of a Floater Coffee, but it looks and sounds a bit like a cappuccino. I usually drink my coffee plain with just a dash of creamer. Yeah, I know...boring - HA!

    Sending lots of 'good energy' your way that all goes well with Joe's appointment on the 7th.

    Have a terrific Tuesday, dear lady!


  10. Hi Carol. Thank you for your lovely comments.

    Mona, yes, like you I do all those things. It breaks my heart to chuck stuff away.

    Brian, we have a video of the wedding on the way... it was our wedding present to the newlynweds.

    Paul, I used to drink black coffee until my stomach started to object. Floater coffee is okay. Floater is the name given because of the floating cream.

  11. Mel, I now have to google Mazel Tov :0)

    Thank you for your good wishes and I know Joe will like reading your lovely comments.

  12. Hi Ron. A floater coffee is different in presentation to a cappuccino which, incidentally was my favourite drink in Sorrento and the way you take your coffee is NOT boring.

    The package of 'good energy' received with thanks. It will be opened on Thursday.

  13. Lovely pics of the bride and groom - she looks stunning!

    I always drain shampoos, washing liquids etc before I throw out the bottle, you can get another wash out of them easily. Also I cut the bottom of tubes of face creams etc and scoop out the remains - there's always enough left for at least a few days use!

    I've made floater coffee loads of times - one with for MWM and one without for me - it's definitely how you pour the cream. You should pour the cream over the back of a teaspoon, with the tip of the teaspoon touching the side of the glass, works every time for me.

  14. PS hope Joe's appointment goes well on Thursday. x

  15. Pearl, you and I are alike in our 'saving' ways.

    Thanks for your good wishes to Joe.

  16. A very interesting post with lots of thoughts to ponder. Do hope the appointment on the 9th goes well. I'm going to put it on my calendar and you will both be in my thoughts that day. The photos of the happy couple were lovely! Never heard of floater coffee before. Always get the most out of bottles, must have been because of being brought up after the war years. That taught you how to be frugal in the early years of life and it sticks with you throughout. Disabled people need to be heard always.

  17. My families and my prayers are with you and your family. Hope that all will be fine with your husband.

  18. I hope all goes well. I don't comment too much but I am keeping track of you and your husband. I have never heard of floater coffee but I will check it out on the net.

  19. November 7th I'll be praying for Joe.

    I save soap too. My grandfather used to say, "It's the seemingly small stuff that keeps us broke."

    Floater coffee looks like latte her in USA. I love it.

    It must have been difficult not go to wedding. I'm glad you had a chance to participate from afar.

    Peace, joy and love.

  20. Internet high five for Floater Coffee! I recently had some for the first time and it really opened my eyes. Deep, rich, sweet flavor! Had me wired for hours, too. Heh...

  21. Hi Herman. At last, someone who knows what floater coffee is. I'm so glad you enjoyed it.

  22. Hi Pam. Good to see you. Your grandfather was obviously a wise man.

  23. Hello Munir, thanks for visiting my blog and for your prayers. They are much appreciated.

  24. Floater coffee? I thought only astronauts drank that!

  25. ATL... them and me too. Great, isn't it?


  26. Saw you over at Mona's and liked your comment about" birds with attitude " as I meet a lot of them lol (in a good/funny way of course )
    Beautiful wedding photos.
    Oh my I am a coffee lover and have to now admit I am not sure what floater coffee is ?

  27. Hi Willow. You must have followed me onto Mona's blog. Wasn't that a fabulous picture of a bird with attitude? She does take some awesome pictures, I love looking at them. If you like coffee I'm sure you would love a floater, it's quite an experiwence to sip through a thick layer of cream before reaching the coffee.

  28. I had to look up floater coffee...we apparently call it Irish coffee. I haven't had one for a long time.


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