03 May 2014


We’ve gone all the way now!  As well as a cleaning lady and a window cleaner we now have a gardener. They’re all good, each one bringing new life to the home. Yesterday was the first time the gardener worked here but he created such a change it is now a pleasure to look out of the window. Where we once had a large but overgrown lawn at the back of the house, we now have a Wimbledon style (almost) lawn complete with stripes. 

Note the white blossom in the picture... bottom left. The winds blew most of it off the tree almost as soon as it flowered. Sadly it doesn’t last long, but it’s lovely to look at when it's in full bloom. 

The robin likes the gardener too! I had to smile when I saw the bird following our man as he trundled a petrol mower up and down; obviously our red-breasted friend was on the lookout for worms. I can imagine him muttering to himself and about time too as he eagerly trailed after the guy. 

I wonder what the other birds will think when the rest of the garden is tackled. 

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  1. The best part is the smell of fresh cut grass. LOL

  2. Your garden looks lovely Valerie. We also need help with the garden. They can mow the grass lickety-split compared to the back-breaking time it takes us to mow it.

  3. nice. i am glad they did such a good job....and esp that you find such joy in looking out on it....

  4. Good for you: if you can afford help to make life more pleasant then go for it.

  5. Good for you. If you can afford help and it makes life more pleasant go for it.

  6. Wow, your lawn looks much better than mine! We "Still" had only 36 degrees this morning and rain!!

  7. Good for you Valerie and Joe!

    And your garden looks faaaaaaabulous!

    "we now have a Wimbledon style (almost) lawn complete with stripes."

    *two thumbs up*

    The same thing has been happening here with the cherry blossom trees. As soon as they blossom, the wind blows them off; lining the streets with petals.

    Have a lovely Saturday, dear lady!

    X to you and Joe!

  8. I would love to hire a Gardner as well, that will take care of our greens. We had some heavy rain over that past couple of days, and everywhere wild flowers and plants start to grow out of the earth! :)

    Mersad Donko Photography

  9. Denise, exactly my thoughts m'dear.

    Mona, I hope the lawn will look even better under the gardener's careful treatment. Sorry to hear about your rain... we had loads of the stuff until quite recently.

    Ron, I think the elements should leave our gardens alone when the blossoms are out. I had fun trying to capture a bee's picture today so I enjoyed being amongst the flowers.

  10. Happy for you that you are feeling happy and also it will ease your work load a lot..really the lawn looks awesome Valerie..

  11. We all need a bit of help eventually and you will be so happy you've made these decisions. Your lawn looks lovely and green. Lucky you - having a robin.

  12. Good girl! The two of you don't need to be tied to that responsibility right now. There's enough on your plage, you don't need the added stressor. The putzing around you can do at your leisure, if you feel like it. If not, admiring tbe handiwork of the gardner will do.


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