25 May 2014

The Birthday




The Great Chamber where the birthday dinner was served

How's that for a ceiling!

It was all very splendid and a great time was had by all. 
Here's the menu

Press of confit duck, parsley and pink shallots, red onion marmalade, raspberry jelly

Rump of spring lamb, thyme and garlic fondant potato, fine green beans wrapped in bacon, cumin crushed carrots

Strawberries and Cream, strawberry and tarragon salad,vanilla cream, mini meringue, strawberry gel

Followed by Joe's speech! He was very good and didn't even need a script.

The two young men who waited at table and did the running around were super-efficient, so much so that we are going to make the hotel aware of it.

Some guests brought presents to the Hall, others delivered them to the house.

and at home I ran out of surfaces for a surprising amount of cards. 

Rosanne took on the role of official photographer so I expect lots of pictures to come my way. She and her hubby left early next morning to fly to Rome so the photographs will come later.  

Major presents were from Joe, a new computer and a remote hard drive, plus the lovely Waterford crystal vases seen above. Oddly enough I had another piece off someone else in an amethyst colour but I haven't got round to photographing everything. Jewellery and perfume were among the gifts from son, Jon, and Rosanne as well as other family members... oh and I mustn't forget the surprise birthday cake - pictured above. 

Friends and family seemed to enjoy themselves, there was lots of laughter and not one silent moment. It simply couldn't have been better. Yes, it was a wonderful day ... I was treated like a queen and enjoyed every minute.


  1. How wonderful! Wow, I am speechless. this is really amazing. Truly like a queen. Thank you so much for this Valerie. An amazing venue, a wonderful meal, and by the looks of it nice weather too.

  2. Oh dear! everything looks class apart..The new hall, the entrance, the great chamber looks fabulous..the table beautifully done and the ceiling and the chandeliers are just 'wow'..

    You are a really nice person, because good things happen only to nice people..and a loving wife too to receive so many gifts and a speech from Joe..

    will love to see more photographs of the happenings and photographs of the food served.. :)

    once again wishing you a lovely 18th birthday Valerie..:D

  3. what a cool place you have for your party....smiles...glad you were treated like a queen...smiles...and what lovely flowers you got as well...

    glad you had a happy birthday

  4. Brian, I have been in the New Hall many times but never before in THAT room. It is fantastic, no other word for it.

  5. "Yes, it was a wonderful day ... I was treated like a queen and enjoyed every minute."

    And you so deserved it, Valerie!

    OMG...reading this post and seeing the photographs put a HUGE smile on my face because I could feel the joy and love that went into this faaaabulous day!

    That cake is GORGEOUS!!! And what a beautiful place to celebrate your birthday. Picture perfect! And what a YUMMY menu!

    So glad you had a beautiful birthday, dear lady! I was thinking of you and sending much love your way.

    Have a super Sunday!

    X to you and Joe!

  6. Jenny, the weather was disappointing - not much sun and some rain but, hey, the room cheered me up... smiles.

  7. Ranita, when I walked in and saw the table laid so beautifully I thought again how stunning it all was. I was then doubly sure we'd done the right thing to book it for the birthday dinner.

  8. Good afternoon, Ron. I wish I could send pieces of cake over the Net... it was/is indeed gorgeous... wasn't Joe a clever guy for thinking of it? Maybe one day we'll be able to send samples over the Net but it wouldn't be in my time if it ever happened. At least.... no, don't even think about it.... grins.

  9. That is simply AWESOME!!! Loved seeing the photos of your special day.

  10. Oh my what a lovely birthday party and your pictures are lovely. What a sweetheart Joe is....I am sure his speech was special and delightful. I am amaze at your youth and vitality. Many more happy years for you.

  11. BC, Joe's speech was really good, like everything else that night. Oooh thank you, I do try to keep up despite the occasional twinges... smiles.

  12. Happy Birthday Valerie. I can see you had a wonderful time. That menu sounds delicious. Your cake is beautiful, the venue is marvelous. I'd better start dropping hints, methinks!!

  13. OK, did anyone else see the mistake on the cake? Valerie you look way too young to be 80 years old. It looks like you had a enjoyable party. Joe is a great man for knowing what you like.

  14. What a fantastic way to celebrate your birthday Valerie. Happy Birthday!!! I loved all these photos of what was obviously a very joyous occasion! I agree, Joe is a sweetheart but I am sure he would agree, so are you :)

  15. Dan, I am so glad you noticed the error... I don't think anyone else did!!

  16. Star, it pays to drop hints early but you've got plenty of time yet. Yes, it was a good day from start to finish.

  17. Denise, thank you. Normally the birthdays come and go uncelebrated, but this was a special one so we went to town! We're lucky living so close to the Hall so it didn't involve any travelling.

  18. What a fantastic celebration! :-) Happy 80th. That's a milestone. Loved the photos.

    Greetings from London.

  19. Happy 80th indeed, Valerie. And what a grand venue for your special dinner...:)

  20. Oh Valerie Happy Birthday, I'm so sorry I missed it!

    Everything looks fabulous and I absolutely LOVE your cake! The menu sounds divine and I'm so glad you had a wonderful time. xx


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