29 May 2014

Some more postcards

Although we have been to Germany we didn't buy this postcard there.
Looking back we think we got it in Zurich, Switzerland. According to information obtained from Wikipedia the Cap Polonio was built in 1914 and scrapped in 1935. Altogether it seems she was an unsatisfactory ship. You can read more here
The famous dome in the cathedral in Florence, Italy
This postcard speaks for itself. Switzerland was a wonderful place. 
A Musk Ox, or ovibos moskusen to use it's proper name!
I think we were in Norway when I purchased this postcard
Marsascala, Malta
Port de Pollenca, Mallorca
Jerma Palace is the hotel we stayed in when we were in Marsascala, Malta.
I have posted before about our experience here when we discovered the place was owned by Col. Gadaffi. He was in residence at the time and the hotel was patrolled by heavies.... REAL heavies!  Scary!
Porto Pollensa in Mallorca
Probably bought this in Switzerland along with the other ship postcard.
This, like the other, was painted for the German Australian steamship company
Hotel Puerto Palace, Tenerife
The ornate pulpit at the Cathedral in Amalfi, Italy
Binibeca, Menorca
The Pinto Square in Cadiz, Spain
An aerial view of one of our busiest flyover junctions and a positive nightmare for some drivers
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  1. Love these postcards. And I bet they bring back memories to you. I hope they're nice memories! :-)

    Greetings from London.

  2. what cool postcards...and i am slightly jealous all the world you have seen...i so want to see the world...or more of it...ha....that cathedral is mesmerizing...

  3. Valerie, I am so enjoying these postcard posts you're sharing! I love them because they're so vintage and have a really wonderful feel to them. And as Brian shared, I think it's awesome that you've traveled to so many wonderful places.

    That first photo of the ship reminded me of the movie, Now Voyager, with Bette Davis because the movie poster has a ship like that on it.

    Gorgeous cathedral ceiling. WOW!

    Yup...Switzerland is another country I would like visit.

    Thanks for sharing, dear lady! Enjoyed!

    X to you and Joe!

  4. I love all these postcards Valerie, you have done a lot of traveling.

  5. Cuban, they do bring back good memories.

    Brian, fingers crossed that one day you will get to see a few places.

  6. Ron, it took a while to get Joe interested in going abroad but after the first one there was no stopping him. Pity we can't do it all over again. You would love Switzerland, I know you would.

  7. Wonderful collection, Valerie! Such beauty!!

  8. I think my favorite post card of the bunch is the Musk Ox. Not sure why but that one really drew me in.

  9. You have travelled so many lands Valerie..the post cards are so lovely..and the dome of the Cathedral is so similar to the arched ceiling of our Victoria Memorial..loved the post..

  10. Hello cestlavie22. Thank you for visiting my blog. I bought the postcard of the musk ox for me because I liked the picture.

  11. Hi Ranita. I'm glad you liked the postcards. Yes, cruising made it possible to visit so many countries. It's a wonderful way to see the world, or some of it.

  12. Beautiful postcards and I'm sure it brought back lots of great memories. Thanks for sharing. Now I have to apologize to you for missing your birthday post. So, so very sorry Val. Looks like you had a wonderful day and a happy belated birthday to you. Take care.


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