15 June 2015

Dear Sir...

photo courtesy of RSPB
Dear Mr Magpie

Over the months my husband and I have watched with interest how you, Mr Magpie, overcame the hurdle of getting food from the feeding station in our garden. I didn’t actually think you would achieve success in getting nuts or meal-worm from a swinging container, but conquer it you did. We are impressed, Mr Magpie.

I confess we laughed at first, seeing you frantically flapping your wings in order to keep upright while lifting a single nut before flying off to enjoy the taste. What I didn’t know was that you would be copied. Mr Jay, no less, the prettier member of the Crow Family. I spent some time watching you and he in action and am wondering if you, Mr Magpie, are about to give more lessons.

We saw Mr Blackbird eyeing the feeders as they tried to regain a stationary position. He had a sort of longing about him which eventually turned into a look of determination. Or was it desperation? Yes, he tried, and failed a few times, but eventually got the hang of it. Mrs Blackbird looks on and I wonder how long it will take her to copy her mate, I mean someone has to teach the children, don’t they? What with the new babies of Mr and Mrs Bullfinch, there is much to see and methinks much to achieve.

I wonder, Mr Magpie, if you have a minute could you think of a way to get rid of Mr Squirrel and his growing family? I promise treats galore if you could oblige me on this major small matter. My main grievance is caused by me reducing the amount of sunflower seed in one of the expensive feeders. Not only did Mr S manage to remove the metal perch (or whatever material it was) but he also chewed the plastic container in such a way that prevents replacement of said perch. Needless to say I am LIVID. Of course, it’s my fault for not filling the whole container. I should learn from this. I took some pictures, of course, in order to confirm this. I will attach them to this communication so you can see for yourself the sort of bad behaviour we have to put up with. 

Oh dear, Mr Magpie. Did you see the attack on the woodpigeon? It looked as if the bird had a wound between wing and chest but whichever predator got him killed him. Such a shame. Such a pity it wasn’t the squirrel!

I must go now, Mr M. I have wasted much time writing this and the birds are waiting for food. Thank goodness you treat the feeders like they should be treated. Your antics as you feed on the wing, so to speak, are truly entertaining.

Yours, in admiration


  1. Oh Valerie, what a CLEVERLY written post! I can only imagine that your backyard is a wonderland of beautiful flowers, trees, plants and entertaining birds!

    Have a delightful Monday and week, dear lady!

    X to you, Joe, and Mr. Magpie

  2. Feeding the birds is not as easy as it sounds.

  3. Good morning, Ron. Thanks you, it was a bit of nonsense-writing but once I started I just had to finish it.. Mr Magpie said thanks, too... grins

  4. Joeh, that is exactly right. However, all would be fine if it wasn't for the damn squirrel!

  5. I bet Mr Magpie will nick a pen to write you back! :-)

    Greetings from London.

  6. What a wonderful piece, made me smile. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Loved it, Val. Look forward to more updates about Mr Magpie. Take care.


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