08 June 2015


Bill, with his cake
Last weekend Joe and I went to a neighbour’s 100th birthday celebration. It was great. As you can see from the picture there was lots of wine and cake. Bill’s family, friends and neighbours were there to drink his health and wish him a happy birthday. Unfortunately, his wife died a few years ago, in her nineties too but sadly she didn’t reach her centenary. 

On the day itself we (meaning neighbours) rushed to get a copy of the local newspaper because we knew a piece would be in it about Bill’s big day. Imagine my horror when it didn’t arrive. Not just me, the entire road – well, almost! My cleaning lady sent her husband out to get free copies from the local shop while I ranted until given one. It pays to rant sometimes, although in this case I needn’t have bothered – the paper arrived later that day, in time for us to see it before going to the party.

I didn’t get to see the birthday card from the Her Majesty the Queen or the letter from the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions but one of Bill’s sons read them out. The Queen, via her personal secretary, used to send a telegram but now sends a birthday card with a large photograph of herself on the front. I took in the news on a need-to-know-basis in case I ever get that far. I’d better not move house, just in case! Actually, I can’t imagine living to that age but good luck to those who do.

As a just-in-case the royal card didn’t arrive, Joe and I sent a special 100th birthday card with a note inside from the Royal family across the road. Us! Conceited lot, aren’t we?

Although it isn’t so, I always think of great ages as times of suffering with ill health but in our neighbour’s case, apart from one or two falls and poor eyesight, he is doing GREAT. His mind is still sharp and his memory isn’t bad either. 

If that was to apply to all ageing folk I wouldn’t mind living it out. My memory is definitely on the wane so what it will be like in the future doesn’t bear thinking about. I overcome the problem by writing notes on and off the computer. If I write a note on the iphone it goes straight to my other gadgets courtesy of Cloud which is a terrific help. So instead of counting down – or should that be counting UP – I shall leave it to technology and the Queen to remind me when it’s time to celebrate. 


  1. Now that is quite the milestone. He seems very well!

    Mersad Donko Photography

  2. Like myself Bill is a Chartered Accountant from the North of England which hopefully augers well for me..You may have to put up with me longer than expected! XX

  3. Ye Gods, Joe, you might have warned me..... grins

  4. Mersad, I know people are living longer these days, but 100 is amazing.

  5. Oh Valerie, this post warmed my heart and made me smile!

    "I always think of great ages as times of suffering with ill health but in our neighbour’s case, apart from one or two falls and poor eyesight, he is doing GREAT. His mind is still sharp and his memory isn’t bad either."

    That's AMAZING! Isn't it something how some people will live on and on with a sharp mind and memory? And I've also know several seniors who don't have the need for reading glasses. Like my friend, Marge, who is 80-years old and has perfect reading sight!

    " birthday card from the Her Majesty the Queen"

    WOW, that is so cool!

    GREAT post! And Happy Birthday to Bill!

    Have a super Monday!

    X to you and Joe

  6. I wouldn't mind living to an old age if I had my health and mind and could still get around. Not sure that will happen my folks only made it into their 70's and I hope for as much and more.

  7. This is such a great event. It is good that he had such a great bunch of friends to come in. I guess I should start addressing you your Royal Highness and learn to bow.

  8. Hmmm. My dad and all 5 of his siblings lived into their nineties. I'm counting on the family genetics...:)

  9. Wonderful post, Valerie! I love how you write - Helps me to visualize it all!

  10. Larry, I don't normally curtsy but if you call me HRH I'll have a go.

  11. Ron, there is a tradition here that royalty acknowledges a 100th birthday. In this case it was a queen - as has been the case for many years now. It used to be done by telegraph but now a card is sent. It's nice, don't you think?

  12. TB, wishing you good luck in your aim to 'get there'... smiles.

  13. BC, it's quite common now for folk to live longer. I'm not sure about the States but here we have had elderly folk well into their hundreds. It must be all that good living... grins.

  14. 100! Wow! Congrats, Bill!
    It's amazing to me that some live to such an age, and in good health! My inlaws are in their 80's and it seems they get around better than I do some days. lol I'm only 50… not feeling at all that 100 is a milestone I'll reach. Not sure what the oldest members of our family got to, I'd guess 80 something. My parents only lived to 69 and 75. Maybe if I start now… find out from Bill exactly what the key to it all is, okay?… I'll add a few years here and there and surprise myself. ;)

    A card from the Queen, well that is certainly something to live for. I love your Royals!!

    Glad you and Joe enjoyed the celebration.

  15. Hi Mary, people are definitely living longer now. I love our Royals too. I guess the Queens card is one that would never be thrown away.


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