24 August 2015

Another Rollicking Fun Day ...

Here goes with news of yet another adventure filled day.

And today, surprise, surprise, there was another lunatic at the traffic lights, a big white van (we’ve all heard about white van drivers) crossing traffic lights on RED whilst I’m waiting to turn right on ORANGE. Sounds a bit mixed up but it is right... I was waiting in correct driving position to turn right, that is waiting for those turning left to hurry up and clear the way for me to GO. So, light changes to RED and I set off.... not realising that the white van was going to zoom round at high speed. How we didn’t collide is a mystery, solved only by the great man in the sky who must have hitherto decided it wasn’t my time to visit him.

I was on my way to pay a worth-having cheque into my account at the bank. I had gone out early to avoid the traffic (joke!) and to get a prime parking space. I wasn’t so lucky with the space so had to walk back to where I wanted to go.

En route a guy asked me where the Neighbourhood Office was. He had the address and directions on his iPhone so he was definitely on the right road.  Spent time with him trying to work it out before struggling (walking and me don’t go well these days) to the bank. I was almost there when the young man caught up with me. ‘They’ve moved,’ he said. ‘The map on the phone is wrong.’ He had, he said, asked someone who lived in the road and who knew more about what was going on than a mere passerby. But isn’t that awful? The poor guy could have been walking round for hours, getting nowhere. I can only surmise that technology isn’t always right!

On I went to the bank and horror of horrors look what I found:


Don’t worry, said the notice, our branch in Erdington will be happy to see to your needs. Hmm, they provide bedrest? This branch is a couple of miles away by car plus a decent walk so I decided not to bother. The cheque will have to wait until the improvements are done which, I gathered from the many notices pasted on the outside of the boarded-up property, will be in another couple of weeks. I just hope I don’t starve in the meantime.

Home for dinner, which today being Monday (we’re sticklers for tradition) was bacon, tomatoes, scrambled egg, fried mushrooms, and a few chips, followed by a large portion of Greek yoghurt, made in England. But before all this happened the doorbell rang.

The caller was a man enquiring about our immediate neighbour ... that was. He had heard that Doug (neighbour) had been admitted to a care home and since he (man) was an old friend he wondered if we could tell him the name of the home. This was a Googling job since, although we knew the whereabouts of the place we didn’t know the full address. At times Google is quite wonderful. I bet it knew where the Neighbourhood Office was.

It was a sad case really, I mean about our old neighbour. Doug is 78, coming up 79 and lived alone. Some months ago he started with the forgetfulness and odd behaviour. For example, after taking his car to be either serviced or MOT’d strange things seemed to happen. In the end it was straightforward, he had simply forgotten! He paid for the car and left without it, ending up going home on the bus. At least that’s the story I was told! We were kind of worried when we saw the police car and coppers in uniform and then an ambulance but we learned later that (a) the cousin is in the force and (b) there was family concern about Doug’s wellbeing. The car was given away and the family took more interest in Doug’s state of health and mind. So now he resides in a care home, seemingly for good. He only went for a month’s trial but that was some  months ago. Joe goes to see him on occasions but I haven’t been since the guy relates to men better than women.

Moving on with my day.

I was in the middle of stacking the dishwasher and washing those implements that would be ruined if
I put them in the machine, when the doorbell rang again. This time it was the postman, ringing to apologise for putting folded envelopes through the letterbox. He couldn’t get them through without bending the envelopes ... annoying if they’re birthday cards. He was young and obviously new, possibly his first job, because no other postie has ever apologised even if he’s torn and/or creased my correspondence by shoving it through the rather tight letterbox. There are some who care, though, and we always know when they come by the slamming of the outer door and the pile of letters littering the porch. See, they simply open the door and throw in the post so that it scatters all over the place.

My afternoon outing was to the hospital where Joe was booked in for a scan. Okay, that leads me to another topic. Joe’s medical condition. After a couple of years grinning, bearing and recovering from cancer problems, heart, and other difficulties, he started to mend. But not for long. In a mad attempt to scare the squirrel from thieving birdseed without so much as a by-your-leave, Joe somehow misfooted. Yes, he hurt his foot, but the worst was that he jarred his left leg (or something) because now he has arthritis. I had thought it would be diagnosed as sciatica, or the trapping of the sciatic nerve. I had that about forty+ years ago, or maybe a bit longer, so I know how painful it is. Thankfully, an x-ray ruled out that Joe doesn’t have a hip problem and the local doctor reckoned it was the onset of arthritis. Well, I’ve been there, done that, and still have the t-shirt it so I know that in time Joe will be reconciled to it. It took some getting used to at first but then I learned to live with it.

In the meantime it hurts Joe to walk which means that I can get on and do things in the house without too much interference ... heeheehee. I’ve even had a go in the garden, removing some overgrown foliage so that I could sweep the paths. Sweep .... that’s a first for many years. Joe always did it, starting when I had hip trouble and the resurrection of a back problem. Seems like we’ve swapped roles but only on a small scale since the gardener, who comes once a fortnight, does the rest and the cleaner comes every week.

Gosh I just read through that last paragraph. Doesn’t it sound like the ramblings of an old woman? I must hasten to add that life is good...... honestly.

Well that’s it for the day’s news, except to say I spent the evening watching my favourite soap on the iPad ... NO, it wasn’t giving it a wash ... before retiring with book to bed. I’m pretty sure you don’t want to hear about that... lol. 


  1. What fun stories. That postman must indeed be new, or maybe just kind hearted. Its great to hear that about Joe and the fact that the x-ray ruled out a hip problem, hope everything works out well, do hang in there and best wishes!

  2. Blogoratti, thanks your good wishes. I post a medical update occasionally when there is something to talk about so I'm hoping for some good news. Incidentally, I haven't seen that postman since... smiles.

  3. That is indeed a busy day! I hope you get that check deposited soon :)

  4. That is quite a day Valerie. Too bad about the bank. Glad an angel was sitting on your shoulder at the start of it :)

  5. Such a wonderful read..I am overwhelmed by the gesture showed by the kind hearted postman..It is so good to know that the x-ray ruled out Joe of any hip said that the last paragraph sounds like the rambling of an old women..but I do ramble more than that..with so much to do I might have turned everyone in the house mad..but you sound so cool and are an to you and Joe..

  6. Ranita, if I sounded cool that's because I was resting at the computer.... smiles. Even that is a problem these days, with my funny eyesight I have to enlarge the font. I can no longer do fine typing.

  7. kden, someday soon the cheque will be presented at the bank. It's all a matter of where to park the car to avoid too much walking... grins.

  8. Yes, old age isn't for sissies. Or so I'm learning....:)

  9. Crikey that was a full day!! Not a lot to be said for getting older except not having to go to work any more is there Valerie? I try not to think about all the aches and pains any more I just ignore them as much as I can and pretend I'm still 21. LOL

    Hope things go smoother and Joe's health improves. xx

  10. LOL Pearl. I feel as though I'm still working, but in a changed location... grins. I exercise to remove pain, it does seem to work... most times, anyway.

    Hmm, I thought you were 21 *wink*

  11. Wow. What a day, Val. Hope things don't continue to be that hectic and glad to hear Joe is doing okay. Take care my friend.

  12. A worth-having cheque sounds good, as does a thoughtful postman. wow! I am sorry to hear about Joe's mishap and hope that it is at least the sort of arthritis that comes and goes. I know there are different types. Your life sounds rather hectic at present!!

  13. Jenny. We haven't seen that postman again. Wondering if he wore himself out being kind to customers... smiles.


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