29 May 2016


The old man who lived next door for many years is now in a care home. It’s so sad when this happens to people we know and love. He was on his own and had been for many years and as neighbours go he was the tops. I understand he is happy where he is so that’s a blessing.

Until Joe’s illness prevented it he visited Doug on a weekly basis. He was that kind of man, always kind, always considerate. Joe would report back and it seemed that nearly always he had found Doug in the bar. I didn’t even know care homes had bars let alone encourage residents to use them. No wonder Doug liked it there.

Eventually Doug’s bungalow was sold to a couple of sisters. Nice enough people but they do like spending money. Admittedly, since the house was in the same state as when Doug’s parents lived there, there is plenty to spend money on... new roof, new kitchen, new bedroom by way of a loft conversion, new garage, installation of gas (I didn’t ask!), garden jobs. End there, because apart from continual noise from workmen’s machines, banging, drilling, and hammering, this is what affects me!

Down one side of my garden are were exceptionally tall conifers that Doug would never have cut down. Joe wanted them down but I didn’t. I liked to see the birds nesting and playing in those trees. Well, Joe would be happy because the first thing new neighbours did was to take them out – not cut down – OUT. Completely! Every single one, roots and all! I never counted those trees but at a guess I would say ten or twelve. I couldn’t believe what they were doing. Of course, I’ve got used to it now and neighbours the other side agree with me that we certainly have more light. The lounge is lighter and so is the garden. It means that plants and shrubs will now be able to grow straight instead of leaning towards what light they could get. On the plus side, the view out of my lounge window is better. I can see the sunrise in the morning even if it does blind me. The only trouble is that I can’t see inside the house because of the penetrating sunlight so I’m having to rearrange everything -  including my actions.

Where once I applied facial make-up in the kitchen, because it was the best light in the house, now I have to do it in the bedroom where there is NO early sunshine. There are no counters in the bedroom on which to deposit the make-up containers, or brushes, or mirrors, magnifying and otherwise; neither is there anywhere to sit except the bed. So, you see, I’m having a rethink about what goes where. I have emptied drawers in order to fill them with different things, and when that doesn’t work I have one of those foot-stamping moments. On a bad day I throw things, though as yet nothing breakable. All because people destroyed perfectly innocent and beautiful trees.

After the tree cutting was done, they started on their front garden, removing a perfectly good hedge that separated our drives and gave us privacy from each other. Another problem arose from that. Since we’re on a hill it means my property is slightly higher and now I have to guess my way when reversing onto my drive. I have already dented the garage door ... which required the services of a helpful neighbour. I suppose you’re all muttering under your breath ‘why not drive straight in?’ I’ll tell you why. Yes, I could drive straight in but the narrowness of the road means reversing out can be quite dangerous. I was the first one in the road to realise that and you’d be surprised at the amount of male drivers who copied me. Trust a lady, eh? What did I do? I examined the layout of the front garden, measured and planned, and decided that as soon as I was able to see the wheelie bins in their hidey-hole it was time to stop ... or else! I mean, I can’t keep on asking the helpful neighbour on the other side for assistance.
The above moan is nothing compared to the way I feel now. The latest alteration – they come fast, literally one after another – is their roof which is being extended to accommodate a new bedroom. Soon, instead of the rear view of a tidy row of bungalows we will have one with an extension which takes up almost half a garden because they want a bigger kitchen (current one is huge) and another bedroom. The property will no longer be classed as a bungalow which is what the rest of us live in. It puzzles me why people don’t buy what they want in the first place instead of buying something small and having to extend so dramatically.

As I said earlier, the two ladies are nice people, friendly and chatty and keen to get on with new neighbours. It's just that... oh, if only they’d take a break from all those noise inducing alterations. I know Charlie the cat would be pleased if the noise stopped.


  1. Nothing like noisy neighbours to break the peace and harmony. Well, let's hope it does pan out all right int he end.

    Greetings from London.

  2. Not perfect neighbors, but some can be so much worse. I have a post pending on this subject.

  3. Sounds like you traded in a gem of neighbour for some that might be driving you around the bend, at least until the noise stops.

    That is SO sad about that row of trees, to me it looked great the way it was. I don't know why anyone would uproot healthy, beautiful trees. :-(

    We can't pick our neighbours, too bad! I've had my share of BAD ones over the years but the good ones when they come along are treasures. I'm glad your former neighbour is happy in his new home though.

    Hugs from Canada, G

  4. " continual noise from workmen’s machines, banging, drilling, and hammering..."

    Valerie, I know exactly what you mean because I am dealing with the same thing right now, and have been for the past MONTH. They are doing some sort of construction (or should I say REcontruction) of a building about 1/2 a block from where I live. OMG...the noise starts early in the morning and goes on until 4 PM. Also, because it's warmer out and summer is on it's way, the street noise with cars, people, motorcycles and sirens has been amplified.

    And I would feel the same way about the trees. I get angry whenever I see trees being torn down for construction. Those trees have been standing there for years and years, and serve a purpose. Trees are also living things and it makes me sad to see them senselessly killed.

    Anyway my friend, have a great week. Hopefully the house renovation will be over soon and you'll get some peace and quiet.


  5. I hope the noise settles down there soon. I moved from a noisy neighborhood to a quiet one. I love how quiet my neighborhood is most of the time. I have been thinking about planting brushes or trees in the back to create so more privacy. So maybe after they get the house fixed up the way they want it will be quiet again. At least, they are not partying and playing load music.

  6. Geraldine, losing the trees was the worst part. I loved them. I still see the birds but not as many now that their hiding places have gone and I was so looking forward to seeing this year's fledglings.

  7. Good morning, Ron. Wouldn't it be wonderful to live in a noise-free environment? I don't envy you living so near to the construction work. You're right about the trees, they ARE living things. I wonder how folk would like it if they were killed for the sake of the environment? It could happen one day.

  8. For your sake Valerie, I do hope the noise stops soon. I would find that just as unnerving, the continuous noise. When we lived in California our view was of a mountain side. It was gorgeous! There used to be a flat spot where hot air balloons would float over our houses and land there. We would wave to the people in the basket as they were low enough for us to see smiling faces. Idyllic! Then the builders came with their sticks of dynamite. When they were lit off I never knew if we was an explosion or an earthquake. Our house would shake just the same. That went on for over a year, until the side of the mountain was covered in houses. The view changed dramatically. And no more hot air balloons. I was so sad about that.

  9. Denise, that's dreadful. I can see why you were sad. It puts new light on my experience which is nothing compared to yours. To my mind it was a real sin to spoil the mountainside in such a way.

  10. That is a lot of changes in a short amount of time. It's hard to let go of what you know as normal. I hope they don't make more enemies than friends during this time.

  11. kden, if the new people weren't so nice I would be more than worried. I guess it's just a matter of adjusting.


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