28 August 2016


It was no good suffering with aching bones, I simply had to go back and see Jonathan, my chiropractor. It's six years since I saw him which is disgraceful considering he's a rather nice Italian!

Since the joints/muscles ached more than ever and at times were quite painful, I started to do exercises. Remember my post about doing them on the bed? I soon tired of that and ventured to try again but this time on the floor. Perseverance is the word or where there’s a will there’s a way. I found a way!

Negotiating steps has been a big problem lately. I was terrified to cross a road because it meant stepping up or down kerbs. Stepping down was the worst but I put that down to an eyesight problem. However, a week ago I noticed an improvement. I was going out to the garden to feed the birds which entails going down two deep steps and it suddenly dawned on me that for the first time I wasn’t holding on to the wall. Then I realised that I also managed two steps from the kitchen door without a murmur and without looking for support. I was cured! However, the pain was still there and that’s when I decided to conquer my fear that the car park might be full and go see Jonathan.

It was lovely to see him again and to know that in his hands I would be able to live a more comfortable life. But first we talked about Joe. He told me how much he admired my late husband for the way he coped with his illness. Apparently when Joe talked about the cancer he spoke humorously and he never lost his down-to-earth practical common-sense. 

Jonathan listened to my story about memory loss, fear, and going down steps. I told him about the fall I had in the garden centre, how crossing a busy road was a nightmare because of my uncertainty, and explained how my fear of falling had made me look for something to hold on to. I revealed the awful fact that my confidence had taken a battering and that decision making was a nightmare.

What he told me was remarkable.

Apparently the grieving process can affect people in different ways and the older we are the more it affects us. The loss of memory is normal, caused by brain and the blood system not behaving as they should.  That affected bones and muscle, causing tightness and pain.  He explained that once stimulation and massage got the blood running properly all this would clear up. Exercise, he said, would also do it but it was essential that I remember it was all perfectly normal.

I began to feel great, especially when he gave me a full massage, stretched the spine a little, and manipulated all the areas that were causing pain. It was wonderful, and I felt wonderful. The massage and manipulation was heavenly.

Back home I can do exercises I couldn’t  do before. I can kneel and get up from the floor without too much effort. The relief and the knowledge that things can get better is fantastic but it is up to me to keep exercising. Jonathan can only do so much.

My next visit included acupuncture, goodness the size of those needles was scary but Jonathan was clever enough not to show them to me until after the deed was done. Actually I hardly felt them, a mere pinprick here and there. I was promised that in three days I would start to feel the benefit ... actually I started to feel better on the second day. Henceforth it's just a matter of manual adjustment and exercising plus ice packs on the worst spots which, I was told, must not be applied for longer than 20 minutes. Something to do with the blood again, freezing slows it down which allows the problem area to heal, thereafter ... well, it's anybody's guess! I trust Jonathan's judgement on these matters since I am, you might say, in his hands. 


  1. What a wonderful read, Valerie! I was felt so happy when I got to the part about Jonathan explaining to you that all you've been experiencing lately was due to the grieving process. And it totally makes sense because emotions and feelings greatly affect how we feel - body, mind and spirit.

    Jonathan sounds like a very gifted chiropractor. Also, a really kind, compassionate and sensitive human being.

    I too have experienced acupuncture and found it extremely effective and helpful. And isn't something how you can't even (or barely) even feel the needles?

    " actually I started to feel better on the second day. "

    That's AWESOME!

    Sooooooo glad to hear that you're feeling better, my friend!

    Have a lovely Sunday!

  2. I find the more I move, the better I feel. My dad always told me the worst thing you can do to a car is not drive it. I think our body is like a car.

  3. What a lovely man! I'm glad that he has been so helpful, and you are lucky to have him. I think he is quite right about how grieving affects the body. After losing someone as beloved as Joe, plus all that led up to it, it is quite understandable that you seized up, you were probably feeling tense and trying to suppress feelings such a lot of the time, and that is definitely something that makes the body tense. It sounds as if you are starting to take the first steps to get you feeling like your normal self again now. This was a really nice post.

  4. It is amazing want a good visit or two to a chiropractor can do for someone. Make one feel better. They advice helps you live a healthier life.

  5. Good morning, Ron. Yes, those needles surprised me. Seeing the length of them I couldn't believe I had only felt a pinprick. I am still working out if they are responsible for the slight improvement or the exercises. I guess I will work it out eventually. I am being very responsible about exercising... what fun!

  6. Jenny, you summed it up with the feeling tense and trying to suppress feelings. Yet it's something we have to do for the sake of the people we meet. I do try to be aware of things, like twitching fingers - a nervous trait - so that I can stop doing it and relax. Every little helps!

  7. My husband used to be a massage therapist so I know the benefits of a good massage. My daughter 'pops' my back, so I'm pretty much covered, ha. Having someone to talk to and reassure you is probably as good as any medicine. Keep up the good work!

  8. kden, lucky you having your own personal therapist, I have to pay for mine ... smiles.

  9. Way to go Jonathan! Sounds like this visit was good for you in so many ways. He sounds like a very nice man. Glad you're feeling better Valerie.

  10. Jonathan sounds wonderful! I have found as long as I do Pilates every morning I am much more supple and don't have as many aches and pains. Exercise definitely makes a difference. X

  11. Pearl, I wondered about pilates. My exercises are based on yoga practices and adopted by chiropractors which have served me well in the past. Just hoping they continue.

  12. Joeh, you're right.... keeping on the move is definitely the best way.Trouble is at the moment it hurts but I keep at it.

  13. great sharing ,i started exercise regularly when i had no option except it and it gave me my life back even better though

  14. Great news, Val. I'm glad Jonathan is taking care of you and you are feeling much better.


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