16 January 2017


The following is a copy of an email sent to two WI friends. Yes, it really happened and when I thought about it afterwards it seemed funny enough to put on the blog.  

Today, Sunday, lunch time – phone call received.
I was in the middle of cooking a pork steak etc when the phone rang. Like an idiot, I answered it.

Someone called Hazel who was asking if Walmley WI was on for Thursday. I told her we had closed, which she knew.  She said I had told her we were going to Walmley Ash on Thursday. I put her right on the day. Then she said she owed my husband an apology, adding that she and a friend had come to my house and how nice he had been. Hmmm!

I told her Joe had died, but she insisted she had seen and talked to him. I assumed she meant she had called a year ago, but she repeated her statement that it was this year.

At that point I (sweating over a burning pork steak) I said she must have gone to the wrong address. Then she told me that ‘I’ had been kind enough to write the address in her diary or whatever. Whoever it was she spoke to must have given her the wrong phone number as well. I explained that it wasn’t me but she insisted again that I had written my address, which she read out. Needless to say I repeated that it wasn’t mine, just before telling her my pork steak was about to burn.

Whoever, she is (is she chatty the one who enjoyed the guy from Lichfield Garden Centre?) we can expect to see her on Wednesday.

I think I’ll go and have a lie down!

The response from the two recipients of my email was that one had spent a good hour laughing, along with her husband, and the other jogged my memory by saying the caller was a new lady who talked incessantly throughout the reading of my report to the members.

So that’s who she is!!

We are now faced with two questions: whose house did she visit and whose husband was nice to her? One thing is certain, I daren’t ask!


  1. Hilarious, Valerie!

    This would make for a GREAT situation comedy scene!

    Like you, I'm super curious to find out whose house she visited, and whose husband was nice to her.

    Keep us posted!

    Have a lovely Monday, dear friend!

  2. Hi Ron, situation comedies are the funniest, perhaps I should send in a script ... 'chuckling'. Perhaps when or if I see the lady I might find out which house she visited and which man made her feel good.

  3. Oh my! In the hands of a chatty women your local reputation may be at risk. Keep calm...:)

  4. That was a really wrong number! I've had a couple 'memorable' ones myself and at the time wished I hadn't answered the phone.
    So ... you aren't going to ask her about it?
    Ha Ha Ha!

  5. What a great story; real life can be pretty funny sometimes.

  6. Troutbirder, Ooooh do you really think so? I'd better tread with caution for a while.

  7. SJQ. NO, absolutely not. I might get even more confused... grins.

  8. kden, it has given me a much needed laugh. Lightened the seriousness, if you know what I mean.

  9. She sounds like my sister in law. She is always right and talks a storm.

  10. Maybe she is deaf? I once met a bloke who called me Dave. I told him my name was John but he didn't seem to believe me.


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