04 January 2017


Recently I had occasion to buy something on-line, branching away from Amazon who I trust to get things right. I had taken a fancy to a sporty top that was designed for hikers and the like, one that was made from a special extra-warming material without any added weight. I am always nervous about shopping on line, that’s why I stick with Amazon. However, I was tempted by a good saving if I bought it within a certain time. I fell for the offer.

There were no problems with the purchase and the company was most helpful. Emails were exchanged and more messages were received about delivery. Would I be home, if not where would I like the parcel left?

Unfortunately, the time of delivery was a time when I would be out so I asked for the parcel to be left in the porch and agreed full responsibility. What happened next was new to me and I must say I was impressed. The parcel was left where I said at the exact time (apparently) but to cover themselves a photograph was taken of the parcel in the porch and enclosed in an email stating that the goods had been delivered at a specific time. The driver/deliverer was careful to tuck the parcel under the shelf of tiles before taking a picture so it wasn't easily seen from the road. How’s that for efficiency? 
Your parcel is waiting for you at home, (left in Front Porch) at 11:38 on Thu 24 Nov 2016



  1. WOW! What company did the delivery belong to? Talk about service!
    Did you like the top?

  2. SJ, it was a firm called Rohan, specialists in sporty wear. Yes I like the top but stopped wearing it when the weather changed.

  3. "How’s that for efficiency?"

    OMG Valerie, that's INCREDIBLE service! I've never heard of any company doing such a thing here in US.

    I'm lucky that I live in an apartment building with 24/7 doorman service, which allows them to accept mailed packages, sign for them, and then place them in a secured room until the tenants are able to pick them up.

    Have a FAB day, my friend! Love the photo on your sidebar of Charlie posing nicely. He is SO cute!

  4. Hi Ron, it's the first time I've come across such an efficient delivery service. I was impressed, to say the least. Maybe other firms will learn! I think I prefer your system for parcel acceptance, it takes the guesswork out of it. Here we have to make our own arrangements which doesn't always fit in with, say, working hours and the like.

    Hmmm, Charlie is at is best when he's resting - if you know what I mean!

  5. Very interesting, we have 2 major delivery services, FedEx and UPS, then the Postal Service delivers parcels as well. Never a business, that delivers their product direct. Sounds wonderful!

  6. Wow! What great service! I've never seen anything like that done in the states before, but it's a great idea. Buying on line is always a bit nerve wracking, especially if it is a company not well known. I like Amazon too; I've never been disappointed by their service.

  7. Hi Carole, I think every company here uses an independent delivery service. These days deliveries are better and faster, but this particular one was a new one to me - I was impressed.

  8. Very impressive. It probably protects them from people asking for a refund for packages they 'did not receive'. But still a great piece of mind that your package is where they said it will be.

    1. You are right, kden. I wonder that more firms don't adopt the idea, they would have fewer folk trying to fiddle.

  9. Well that's good work by the company. It's too bad more businesses don't do customer service like that because they should. Glad it worked out well for you, Val, and hope the top your ordered was awesome too. Take care.


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