29 January 2017


I’ve never been keen on television programmes, much preferring to listen to my music. While Joe watched televised films, I would depart to another room to play tapes or listen to music on radio. I found television to be quite restricting. I had to sit and watch, whereas I could do other things whilst listening to radio or enjoying a choice of music on disc.
However, since acquiring the company of Charlie the cat I have spent more time in the lounge, where stands the telly. OMG what a shock. What happened to the programmes? Where is the drama, the films, the stage shows? The soaps are still there, but what else is there? Cookery shows dominate, one after the other on the main channels, occasionally interspersed with shows about antiques or quiz shows. Whatever happened to entertainment?  I had to buy a TV programme timetable to check out what was what and discovered that the more interesting shows are way past my bedtime. Favourite programme now is the news and you know how depressing that can be.

I have just decided that the soaps must go. I remember the time when they were interesting, even funny, but now…. NOW they are filled with anger. Everyone seems to be arguing with and shouting at everyone else. Nasty, harmful arguments, and violent; death crashes, murders and maiming. Is it any wonder that the youth of today think it’s normal to kill?
There are far too many cookery programmes and bargain hunting/antiques for my liking and friends all say the same. Elderly folk don’t pay a licence fee (age has its advantages) …if I did I think I’d sell the telly. I have talked to others in case it is just me who feels this way but it seems everyone agrees.
Summing up about television …. just a load of rubbish. What a pity we are reliant on it for company!


  1. Valerie, I feel exactly the same as you when it comes to television. When I was a child (in the 50's), yes, television was a big deal so my family and I would watch it. However, shows were completely different then. I'm sorry to say, they were MUCH better than they are now. Everything today on television today is a "reality show," and to me they are so boring because they're pretty much all the same.

    I own a television but I only watch it when I want to see one of my movies on DVD. However, with computers (and their large monitors) most of the time I watch my DVD's through my computer.

    I stopped watching television in the late-80's because that's when TV began to hold no interest for me. I much prefer going online and choosing a good movie, documentary or old television shows.

    FAB post, my friend! Hope you're having a lovely Sunday!

    X to you and Charlie

  2. I could not live without TV. With cable and 200+ channels, there is always something I can watch, though often it is just background noise (OK, it is an addiction) I do like some of the cooking shows, and any tv shows from days gone by are available on cable, I do watch a lot of what many would call crap. Maybe they are right, but it is my crap.

    The one thing I though were gone from TV today were the soaps, don't know when they are on, but I never was a soap kinda guy anyway. There is always music and books, it is wonderful to at least have those choices.

  3. Ron, two minds with a single opinion. As I write I am being entertained by excellent music chosen by Elaine Paige, while on TV there is a cookery lesson, footballp and a film of extreme violence. No thanks, I can read about violence in the local papers. I miss being able to pursue hobbies but that isn't possible now. It is interesting to hear other opinions. It's raining heavily here so a walk in the garden is out of the question. Charlie has the right idea, he is fast asleep!

  4. I still watch a few select shows - NCIS is the only one on regular programming that comes to mind at the moment. Mostly IF I watch, I watch PBS or DVDs my son sent me. I cannot stand commercials. I do like a good book.

  5. TV in the US is not much better. I enjoy following politics, although Trump is making my blood pressure rise! Our Public Broadcasting Station has good quality shows.

    I am nostalgic for some of the great sitcoms of the 70's. If I can find Seinfeld reruns, I will always watch, knowing it will make me laugh!

  6. I admit we watch too much TV in our house but we like a variety of comedy, movies, and nature shows. If I'm alone, I turn it off to enjoy the silence. My Mom has it on all day to drown out the ringing in her ears. So for some it's entertainment and others, to drown out worse noises, ha.

  7. Joeh, it's the violence and anger that upsets me, or rather angers me. On our TV there seems to be nothing that doesn't include huge angry rows and violence. I can do without that. My concern is the effect it has on teenagers, many of whom are now stabbing people to death as if its a normal thing to do.

  8. SJQ, I too like a good book but I hate the violence shown on many TV shows.

  9. Daytime soaps at least on many of our channels are few and far between, but a lot of drama on TV are disguise.

  10. I so agree re the anger, way to much of that on tv. And so much graphic violence too. Not my idea of entertainment at all. I much prefer the old movies from long ago.

    Does your kitty like cats on shows? Mr Cheddar perks up his ears when one shows up on screen.😽😽

  11. Geraldine, yes Charlie loves to watch television. There was a recent series about cats and dogs which he watched avidly. The way he watches what is going on is amazing. Did you see the pictures I posted recently where he was watching a budgie on screen?

  12. Carole, I confess to watching news about Trump and can fully understand it making your blood boil.


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