13 February 2018

An Unintended Moan

It took me about an hour to understand the new arrangement for publishing photographs on the blog and I still don't get it. Why do 'they' change things without explanation? An hour to show the above multi-coloured pair of trainers/sneakers and all because I tried to compete with Joey who had a new pair for his birthday. 

Oh well, it's given me something to moan about.

I had everything off pat until I tried to upload the picture and found that the old procedure had completely changed. Actually I suspected something was up some time ago with the Google procedure and started to send pics to another email account with AOL. That worked well until just now when I couldn't even get in there without giving a password, twice, which they wouldn't accept. Then AOL decided I was a newcomer and started again. All my saved thingies and photographs had disappeared.  S** it, I can't be bothered with them anymore. Yes, folks, it's time AOL got the push.

Has anyone else had similar problems?


  1. No Valerie, I haven't had any issues with a "new arrangement" for publishing photos on the blog. The last time I published photographs on a post, it seemed to be the same format as always. However, I will agree with you, Google does change things a lot. In fact, too much.

    And speaking of AOL, I had an email account with Verizon for years but the gradually started to close everyone's account, but offered a transfer to AOL in order to keep my same email address. So far, it's been okay.

    Hey....those multi-colored trainers/sneakers are AWESOME! Love the colors. Very snazzy, my friend!

    X to you and Charlie

  2. Not yet, Blogger seems to work the same for me and I hate when they change stuff!

  3. Damn those passwords, damn them all. One of my posts was about password insanity.

  4. Ron, I just hope Google doesn't drive me away... I would be totally lost then! Re photograph posting, I tried it again just now and everything seemed to be back to normal. It must have been a huge hiccup on their part rather than mine. If you have sunshine would you be an angel and sent some to the UK lol!


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