04 February 2018



It was dry outside so I decided to go to the corner shop and buy my TV programme magazine. It is usually delivered with the grocery order, no, that’s wrong, it was delivered but it was the wrong week. It comes to me on a Tuesday and that’s the day the next week’s issue comes out. So why did I get one for the week before? Obviously the packer didn’t look what he/she was doing, probably thinking about his/her date of the night before. It was a nuisance having to go out on a freezing cold day but it was a good test for driving the scooter with frozen hands and watering eyes. Yes, it was that cold. I couldn’t wait to get back home. Now I know why Charlie is reluctant to go out.

Anyway, the scooter was fine and so was I, just a little nervous because I swear the amount of rocky paving slabs has increased. The outing was an experience, one lady in her 70s (isn’t it funny how older people – including me – bring age into conversations?) held the shop door open for me… I guess she thought as I’d arrived on a scooter I was unable to open doors. She did it again as I was leaving and then I realised that she really wanted a chat. Then a guy joined us, another one that looked as if he had retired from the work scene. He wanted to talk about the scooter, and of course we also got onto the subject of cars. He was contemplating selling his car but was worried about getting to places without it. It was an ideal opportunity for me to brag about my bravado in getting rid of my car.

The ‘old’ lady didn’t join in but she looked as if she was enjoying the company. She also looked perishing cold which was understandable considering the temperature was way below minus and I was wishing I’d thought to bring a hot water bottle and several blankets.

Mr Man started on about car insurance and quoted a figure like the one that inspired me to give the car up. I think he was entertaining the idea of doing the same. I explained my thinking on the matter, mainly to do with insurance. Every year the cost of insurance goes up regardless of the fact that no claims have been made. I had thought the cost to me was due to a couple of claims made in the far distant past but the guy quoted a similar figure, well almost identical to mine. He had never had an accident or made a claim which reassured me that history had nothing to do with the amount I was charged per annum. My memory is getting worse! By the end of the conversation I had the feeling that next time I saw him he would be riding a scooter.

So, my dash to the corner shop turned out to be eventful. On the way home a car driver tooted the horn and waved. I obviously knew him or her but didn’t recognise since he or she passed too quickly and I certainly didn’t recognise the car. I shall worry about that now, just hope it doesn’t provide any sleepless nights! The scooter did me proud and is now back in the safety of the garage. I don’t intend to get it out again until the temperatures rise. 


  1. *clapping*

    Valerie, I was smiling all the way through this post, reading about your ride in your new scooter. Outside of it being severely cold, it sounded like a lovely experience! Isn't it wonderful how a new experience can turn into something quite enjoyable; bringing new people into our lives in which we make a really great connection?

    I'm with you, one of the main reasons I am so happy I no longer have a car is the cost of insurance, which escalates every year, regardless of whether you file a claim. Also, the upkeep (tuneups, gas, oil changes, etc.) add up.

    Have a faaaabulous Sunday, my friend!

    X to you and Charlie!

  2. Very nice that you took the scooter out for a test run in the cold but too bad that it was so cold, the scooters are actually very handy for trips like this and most places you go have the aisles wide enough to accommodate a scooter, you will enjoy it a lot more once the weather warms up, maybe train Charlie to ride along :)

  3. Ron, I think best experience so far is talking to people. It doesn't happen when permanently stuck in a car, unless we count all those rude drivers who swear and try to overtake on the wrong side and thenn blame the other driver for being there in the first place.

    Hope the forthcoming week is a good one for you. Charlie says Hi, I think gg

  4. Jimmy, I look forward to testing out supermarket aisles, but it won't be yet awhile. Too many main roads puts me off even thinking about it. There is a bunch of shops not too far away, all back roads to reach it rather than motorways, so I look forward to that.

  5. I wonder if they can fit a plastic cover to shield out the cold on the scooter.

  6. Joeh, it's worth checking on that. As soon as it warms up I will start looking.

  7. Fair play for you having the get up and go to get your scooter out and visit the shops. I walk a lot because it keeps me fit and we have no public transport on our peninsula.

  8. Your first venture out, and in winter no less! The following months will be fun, getting out and chatting with people. Maybe a basket for Charlie too :)

  9. Dave, I used to walk a lot when we had the dogs but the acquisition of a car stopped me from getting out there and enjoying the fresh air. Keep it up, my friend, don't let mechanical things get to you too much.

  10. kden, there is a basket on the scooter but it is too small for Charlie. Perhaps if I cut down on his food.... hmmm I don't think he'd like that.

  11. Though not sure what a scooter is in the "Kings English" we gave up our bicycles last year as I had the bad habit of regularly crashing...:(


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