29 March 2018


Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink. Only in my case it should read: water, water outside, but nothing in the house.

I tell a lie, there was some in the house only I couldn’t get at it. It started with me complaining to my regular water fixer/electrician/gas maintainer/sometimes odd job man (Mr K) that my hot water system was scalding. Like the good chap he is he promised to come on a certain day but, unlike his usual self, he forgot. Well, like any other person getting on in years, it was understandable. I phoned again and pleaded with him to jot it down in his memory book, that way I could rest assured he would turn up.  

Actually, Mr K did a great job putting things right and double checking everything and presenting me with a bill for £250. Admittedly he had to buy a new valve thingy so I guessed it was a reasonable figure. I know from past dealings that he never overcharged and always did a good job.

The water was still extremely hot but he had assured me that it would cool down when enough cold water entered the hot water system. I carried on for a day, doing all the usual things like washing dishes. I have given up on the dishwasher on the grounds that it would take a month to build up enough dishes to justify switching it on. Work it out if you like, three plates (one dinner plate, two small tea plates) a day, three cups, one glass, and the cat’s bowls (2 a day). No water, nothing. Cold water was available but I defy anyone to wash crocks in cold water. Fortunately, I have a kettle. That wasn’t the point though, the point was that my helpful man had to be summoned again. Actually I felt panicky, too much stress, you know.

So Mr K comes back – it took ten minutes from his house to mine but he came straight away when he heard the panic in my voice. Panic? I was almost in tears. As soon as he came in he said ‘I know what’s happened … I forgot to open {something} so the cold water wasn’t filling the hot tank. Simple, when you know what you’re talking about!

The whole incident was enough to make me realise that Mr K wasn't the man he used to be. Sad, and I know the feeling! So when the boiler that operates my central heating started playing up I called in another expert. This one is younger and more capable and seems to know his trade through and through. He is expensive but I feel he is more reliable. 

So sad about Mr K though!


  1. Valerie, so glad you were able to find another expert who is more capable and knowledgeable.

    "He is expensive but I feel he is more reliable."

    I guess that saying is true, "You get what you pay for."

    Have a lovely weekend, my friend!

    And HAPPY EASTER to you and Charlie!

  2. Don't give up completely on Mr. K; even with memory issues, those old Jack-of-all-trades dudes know stuff that following generations will never learn.

  3. Ron, I shall be glad when central heating is back on because our weather is cold, cold and more cold. The cold spell known as Beast from the East No.3 is back and the weather is extremely cold. We have snow on the way, just in time for Easter. Happy Easter.

  4. Nobody likes paying someone who is expensive but if they do it right it's worth it. Hope the snow doesn't arrive.

  5. Dave, I welcome the new guy if means peace of mind. Living alone has its good sides until things go wrong.

  6. We have an account with British gas, and it covers plumbing too, and I have to say they turn up very quickly and sort out our problems quickly, and we have 4 boilers in this house! Last week we had a burst pipe in the loft and they arrived in under 2 hours and fixed it.

    Glad your have hot water again!

  7. Joeh, the problem with Mr K is that he can't remember to come let alone do the work. I do appreciate that he can't help it (I am in the same boat) but I can't take chances on gas problems.

  8. Yup it's tough on us old guys. My spouse has already sign up a young stud to care of any problems that require climbing up on ladders...:(

  9. TB, I hadn't realised there was so much to organise for our declining years... lol.


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