20 March 2018


How exquisite is the night so cold,
stars like diamonds standing out so bold,
a glowing moon lighting up our space,
making the planet a beautiful place.
There’s peace and stillness on a night like this,
the cold disguised by a cloak of bliss,
covering us with dreams of better things,
like butterflies with gossamer wings,
But when spring is born
and cobwebs glisten every morn,
when buds are grown and standing proud,
will we forget that wintry shroud?


  1. Makes me a good way.

  2. Beautifully perfect, Valerie. It speaks to me where I am on a cold later winter Minnesota night...:)

  3. Glad it was appropriate, TB.

  4. Great imagery Valerie. Like butterflies with gossamer wings. I am looking forward to Spring and Summer.

  5. Dave, I thought I should post this before the season changed. Thinking positively about the weather to come.

  6. Valerie, I love both the opening image you chose for this poem, and your words. They're beautiful!

    Funny how today is the first day of Spring, yet when I look out my window this early evening, it's snowing and hailing, and the temperature is 30 degrees. This is supposed to go on until tomorrow night.

    So glad I didn't put away my winter coat, gloves and scarf just yet - HA!

    Have a lovely rest of your week, my friend!

    X to you and Charlie

  7. A very good poem for the turn of the seasons. I have some spring bulbs out on the balcony and I knew that the winter snow wouldn't spoil them - now it's thawed, they're standing straight again and just as pretty as before. Hasn't the weather been strange, though?!

  8. Ron, if this is spring then the sun got it right today. It is a beautiful morning here, I even went for a walk round the garden, something I haven't done since way back last year. Perhaps my blog post gave it a

  9. Jenny, today we have sunshine and less freezing cold. I reckon my post gave it a nudge.

  10. Well it's very Spring like out here today so the poem is very appropriate. But there is still a tiny bit of snow on the grass hiding in the shade.


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