28 April 2018


Journey to a charity lunch
reported on my blog many moons ago 

The journey to the Marie Curie Charity Lunch was incident packed. First I caught up with a very big car transporter that filled the road. For ten miles I hung onto its tail. Ten miles without an opportunity to overtake. When, finally, the driver turned off I was faced with yet another hurdle. A Canada Goose, right in front of me. Seriously!

It was near a traffic island and I got the feeling the poor bird was unable to fly because it was scooting along on webbed feet trying not to get run down. The motorists were very good, they all went out of their way to avoid him.

Moving on, I arrived at some traffic lights. A three lane stop, one for turning left, one for right, and one for straight across. I wanted the middle one and so did the cyclist ahead of me. Left and right didn’t have a problem, unlike piggy in the middle (me) that had to wait while the cyclist got going … slowly. All this at a busy junction!

Moving on again. It was on a fairly clear, narrow road that I saw the fearless paper collector. You know the sort of person, man armed with a tool that spears bits of paper and puts them in a bag. He was in the middle of the road, totally engrossed in what he was doing and apparently unaware that he was a hindrance. Another hold up! I agree it’s a worthwhile task but why do it when I’m on the road?

Every time I did the journey I vowed to get a picture of the low flying aircraft heading for the airport and that morning I saw a beauty… it was so low it almost touched the roof of the car. Slight exaggeration, of course, but it really was low. And what happened? Nothing! The camera couldn’t be reached and anyway I couldn’t take a picture whilst driving.

Oh, I forgot to mention it was raining.


  1. I enjoyed your drive Valerie, I felt I was right there in the passenger seat :)

  2. I do, or rather did, like company on long drives, Denise. Glad you enjoyed the ride.

  3. Some days are like that and we need to be grateful we survived... and didn't lose our temper either...:)

  4. OMG Valerie, that was ONE interesting journey for sure! I laughed at the part about the goose because it reminded me of when I lived in Orlando, Florida and had to drive around a lake by my apartment to get to work. The lake was always FILLED with geese that would often run into the street and stop traffic, as they carelessly ran across to get to the other side. I remember one time when one of the geese actually ran into the street, attempting to attack a moving car by trying to BITE its tires. I kid you not! Geese can be very aggressive.

    Great story, my friend! Enjoy the rest of you weekend!

  5. It sounds like a stressful journey. I would like to have seen the Canadian goose close up.

  6. Ron, after reading your experience with geese I am wondering if, perhaps, they are deaf and/or blind....lolol. OR, perhaps they think they rule the world and everything must stop for them.
    Thank you, I would enjoy the weekend if only it would STOP RAINING. I hope your weather is better than mine.

  7. TB, I was younger then and more tolerant. Wish it was still the case!

  8. Dave, I was younger then, I could laugh at things. If it happened today I would be in an awful state.


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