10 April 2018


How exquisite is the night so cold,
stars like diamonds standing out so bold,
a glowing moon lighting up our space,
making the planet a beautiful place.
There’s peace and stillness on a night like this,
the cold disguised by a cloak of bliss,
covering us with dreams of better things,
like butterflies with gossamer wings,
But when spring is born
and cobwebs glisten every morn,
when buds are grown and standing proud,
will we forget that wintry shroud?


  1. I agree with Mac n Janet; Excellent!

  2. Very nicely done Valerie, I can see the images and feel the descriptions you shared so well.

  3. Thanks, Jimmy. I hope you feel the warm more than the cold. I am wishing our weather would warm up.

  4. What a nice poem! I too am wishing the weather would warm up..... was looking at some summer photos today... ah!

  5. WONDERFUL, Valerie! And PERFECT for this time of the year!

    Oh, and guess what? By this coming Saturday, our temperatures here in the North East will be at almost 80 degrees! Yup....Spring is on its way!

    Have a lovely week, dear friend!

  6. Great winter imagery. Let's hope we get a great summer this year. I hate wind and rain.

  7. Jenny, there seems no end to the rain now but it's more than April showers. I am thankful that I don't have to go out in it. Just call me Moaning Minnie!

  8. Ron, 'Spring is on it's way' ... I do wish you would stop bragging. Tell me, what does it feel like to be warm? After a winter of freezing cold we are informed that our gas bills are going to rise. I reckon there will be an uproar from the general public. My gas fire is definitely staying off for a while, brrrr! Hope the rest of the week is good for you x

  9. Dave, I dreamed of sunbathing last night, summer must be on my mind.

  10. Spring is late here this year but we remain hopeful...:)


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