19 September 2018


Didn’t I recently post something about phones?! Well, here I am again. This time the mobile seemed to have died completely and no amount of coaxing or fiddling produced results. It was dead as a dodo, no picture to greet me, nothing. Totally blank screen.

Of course, I panicked initially because I couldn’t send a text to neighbour, the neighbour who awaits notice that I didn’t die in the night. I had to remedy that situation by a quick visit to show her I was still alive. After which, using the landline, I booked a taxi to take me to the phone shop.

‘Oh dear,’ said the assistant in the shop, ‘What have you done?’

I had done nothing and told him so in no uncertain terms. The phone had just died. No warning, nothing.

The guy took the phone, shook it, and said ‘It looks like you need a new phone.’

I had only bought this phone eighteen months ago so I wasn’t best pleased by his remark, especially as the contract still had a couple of years to run which, if cancelled, would cost me a few hundred pounds!!!!!  He talked about a new phone and then dropped my phone on the floor. Guess what!?!? The b….. thing worked. And to think I was mentally calculating the cost of a new phone.

So now I know what to do if it happens again…. chuck the perishing phone on the floor.

One thing I did learn was never to switch off the phone. Apparently switching off is a no-no. Never heard that before. It reminds me of when the TV broke down and the guy said I should never totally switch it off.

Wondering what is going on with our gadgets!


  1. Now that's one way to fix something and come to think it it, my husband has done quite the same with some of his tools. I have been quite successful at unjamming a stapler by dropped it...but never something electronic, although there have been times that I have been sorely tempted.

    1. Temptation caused through frustration is a common thing but something I aught to be able to cope with.
      Extra bit to this post... it happened again. Stopped, I mean. I felt so frustrated I did throw it on the floor and - guess what - it got going again. I have since removed the now broken outer cover, a fancy pink thing that had covered the phone for years, and so far so good.

  2. That is an interesting story Valerie. I have dropped my phone so many times, maybe that is why I have never had problems with it, lol!

    1. I am beginning to think that way, Denise. The cover of the phone (one of those fancy things) was damaged in the fall and when I looked closely I saw a big jagged piece that could have been the cause of the second freeze. Of course, I may be

  3. What will "they" come up with next??!!??!!??

    We were brought up to never, never drop anything on the floor. Right?

    And now, a highly techy thing, like a phone, gets fixed, by dropping it on the floor?????????

    -head desk-


    🍁 🎃 🍁


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